WingSpan Review

Game published by Stonemaier and Designed by Elizabeth Hargrave features birds as its main theme. The game is for 1-5 players. There is an educational element to the game which provides you the geographic location of the birds, biological name, food and habitat type of the bird. The game also comes with a built in solo mode which we did not try yet.

The game setup is very straight forward. Each player gets their own player board. Players receive starter birds and random bonus cards. The game is made up of 4 rounds with each round having randomized goals picked during the start of the game. Each round consists of multiple turns defined by the number of action cubes for each player (Round 1 each have 8 cubes). At the end of each subsequent round completion all players lose an action cube to record their round goal progress.

During a player turn, they have 4 actions available to them. These actions are as follows:

  • Play a bird from your hand
  • Gain food and activate forest bird powers
  • Lay eggs and activate grassland bird powers
  • Draw bird cards and activate wetland bird powers

The activated bird powers behave as an engine building mechanism. All bird cards in an action activate during the later 3 actions. At the end of 4 rounds all scores are calculated and the player with the most points wins the game.

The game rules are simple. About a single round into the game all the rules have been sorted out. The base game comes with about 170 different bird cards. The pool of bird powers for the number of cards available seems to be a bit low. Additional powers would have added some more dynamics to the game.

The components are great. It comes with a dice tower that can be built and stored as built in the game box, which is always best to avoid wear and tear of breaking it down after each game. The bird house dice tower makes the game look great on the table. However its not a necessary element to the game. The varied colored eggs are a great too, the color have no consequence to the game play either. In my opinion, the eggs look like Cadbury mini eggs…looks edible!!

There are two sets of rounds goals available which varies the difficulty of the game.

Overall a great game for simple or mid-ranged gamer. Try it and comment below on what elements you liked about the game and what you didn’t. Thanks for reading.

If interested in the game checkout the link here

Update: A new European bird expansion has been announced for the game adding more bird cards and few additional rules. To checkout the expansion, click here.

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