Top 7 Winning Strategies for Board Game “Wingspan”

The Wingspan is a game where you attract birds to habitats. There are different birds in the game, and every bird is worth different amounts of points. Up to 5 players can play the game, and the player with the most points is the winner. However, there are a variety of things that one has to take care of. If you are interested in playing a game that requires you to use your brain and is entertaining at the same time, then Board Games Montreal QC is for you.

In Wingspan, birds are cards and to play a bird card i.e., to attract birds to a habitat, you must fulfill food requirements. Food requirements depend upon the size of the bird. Does the bird need a worm, a rodent, or a fish?

By rolling a special dice that has pictures on it, players make food in their food habitats. You require eggs to get more birds in your forest, and for eggs, you need grassland habitat. And more birds in the grassland habitat mean more eggs. The Wingspan is a game where you have to build a web of interconnected pieces where life can flourish.

Every bird has abilities. These abilities help birds to get more eggs, more food, more cards, and they can inactive abilities of other birds.
You must be thinking about how to win in Board Games Canada. In this blog, we will discuss winning strategies for Wingspan:

Focus On Two Habitats At The Most


You should focus on one or two habitats. This way, you will be able to handle the game well. You will be well aware of what is happening.

Let’s see what is required in each of the three habitats.


Here, the most common is ground (eggs) nests, closely followed by bowl(cup) nests. In Grassland habitat, birds need wheat and worms.


Here, cavity (tree) nests are very common. After cavity (tree) nests come bowl (cup) nests. Birds need berries, wheat, and worms.


In Wetland, the most common nests are the Platform (sticks), followed by ground (eggs) nests. The birds need worms, and fish and rodents are rarely needed.

Ravens Are Good For You

The Common Raven and the Chihuahuan Raven card say, “Discard 1 egg from any of your other birds to gain any 2 food from the supply.” It’s a great deal, and you must grab it. These are the best cards in Wingspan. They have a useful ability. When you get the right kind of food, you can have the birds that you want.

Some Birds Can Move Back and Forth between Habitats


Yes, birds like Chimney Swift and Berwick’s Wren are great for you when you are focusing on more than one habitat. In a habitat, when these birds are to the right of all other birds, they can be moved to another habitat. Or you can send the bird to the habitat, which is not your priority right now and see to it at the higher level.

Pink Cards


You need to be careful when dealing with pink cards. With pink cards, you can get a bonus between turns. When you put the pink card in the play, other players see the card, and they will opt for a different strategy so that you don’t get any advantage from their actions. Nevertheless, that’s not a big problem. Suppose your card has the ability, which will get you an egg each time a player used the lay egg action. Other players are going to do this at some point in time as you get only 1 egg, but they have chances to get more.

Get some high Victory Point Birds


To win Wingspan, some high victory point birds can increase your chances. It’s a nice way to get some points that will benefit you in the end game scoring. To make the best use, you have to align them with a bonus objective. The high victory point birds take a spot of your 15 bird spots. They have a tiny nest for eggs, and when compared to other birds, their ability is worse. You will get a one-off ability, no ability, or ability that benefits all players.

Bonus Objectives


You can play birds for bonus objectives; it is especially helpful if you are close to completing. It can add to your end score.

Quickly Swap the Cards


Another strategy that Buy Board Games Canada swears by is quickly swapping your cards. When you have finalized your strategy, and know the type of birds you play, you should think about card cycling.

Swap the cards you don’t want for the ones that you want. This way, you will be in a better position to win the game. The Killdeer and Franklin’s Gull, as well as the Pied-billed Grebe and the Ruddy Duck, have this ability.

Final Words

Buy Board Games to have a fun-filled time with your family and friends. The above strategies will help you play Wingspan in a better way and increase your chances of winning the game. Wingspan won 2019’s Kennerspiel des Jahres for the best connoisseur game of the year! It’s a game that everyone enjoys!

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