Cloudspire: Miniature Expansion Vol. 2
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About the Product


Cloudspire: Miniature Expansion Vol. 2

Bring some additional height and dimension to your games of Cloudspire featuring the Horizon's Wrath and The Uprising!

The second volume of the Cloudspire Miniature Expansion brings six minis for each of the Cloudspire: Ankar's Plunder factions, the Horizon's Wrath and The Uprising, in one not-so-miniature box! Colored individually for each faction, the miniatures provide a beautiful platform above the battlefield for your spire chips, while also making the board easier to read during your Cloudspire sessions. The spire miniatures each have space for up to five upgrade chips underneath, with any additional upgrades placed on top.


  • 6 Horizon's Wrath Spire Miniatures
  • 6 Uprising Spire Miniatures


Note that this expansion is aesthetic in nature and does not provide any additional gameplay.

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