Shadows of Malice: Hunger of a Shadow Vile
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Shadows of Malice: Hunger of a Shadow Vile

Hunger of a Shadow Vile is an add-on for the game Shadows of Malice.® It is not required to play the game, but offers additional opportunities, challenges, and flavor for players seeking an added layer of atmosphere and theme. Hunger of a Shadow Vile expands the role of Cities, provides new uses for Lux, and introduces Luxwardens and Cultists to the base game. Hunger of a Shadow Vile is not a standalone game: Shadows of Malice® is required to play. The expansion Seekers of a Hidden Light is only required to take advantage of the new uses for Lux offered in this expansion.

Hunger of a Shadow Vile brings life to the Cities of Aethos and highlights the struggle between the Lumosari, the Luxwardens of Aethos, and the Shahudiri, the Cultists of Xulthûl. The additional content allows players to engage in battles to drive Xulthûl’s followers from the Cities of the Realm, and, in so doing, starve the Lord of Shadow and remove the threat it poses. Because Xulthûl feeds on fear, anxiety, and despair, when all the Cities in the game are purged of Cultists and these dark emotions are excised, Xulthûl begins to starve and grows too weak to generate Shadows.

But be warned! While you can defeat Xulthûl by purging its Cultists from the Cities of Aethos, your efforts will not deter the Shadows from their singleminded pursuit of a skin for their master. And the Shadow Lord's corruptors are still roaming the land, seeking to debilitate the avatars with their master's corruption.

Time is not on your side.

Product Details

Players 1 - 8 players
Age 0+ years
Time 0 - 0 mins
Designers Jim Felli
Artists Jim Felli
Mechanism Cooperative Game, Dice Rolling, Hexagon Grid, Modular Board, Role Playing, Trading, Variable Phase Order, Variable Player Powers
Year Published 2017
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