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Stacked is a family game from 1-5 players, that is part card game, and part dexterity. The goal is to place blocks on top of a pre-set base to form a teetering tower. Without knocking this tower over, the person to bank the most points in their play pile wins!

Stacked allows you to pick the Victory condition that you like, or to fit whatever circumstances you’re playing under.

Stacked allows you to pick the Difficulty Level (Beginner, Normal, or Expert)

Stacked allows you to pick the Gameplay Mode:
(1) Trick–Taking - This requires a little more strategy – Winners of the trick don’t have to place a block on the tower, but instead get to make one of their opponents place it!
(2) Draw-and-Play - This is great for kids or solitaire play! No hands of cards, no tricks – draw a card and place that block on the tower. Don’t touch any blocks whose color is the same as the color of the last piece added to the tower. How high can you go?
(3) Follow-the-Leader – Place a block of the same color or shape as the previous player, or you’ll draw another card in your hand and potentially lose points at the end of the game.

Product Details

Players 1 - 5 players
Age 14+ years
Time 15 - 45 mins
Designers Sean Brown, LeAnn Phillips, Tim Phillips
Artists Akha Hulzebos
Mechanism Trick-taking
Year Published 2020
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