Suburbia: Expansions (Second edition)
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About the Product


Suburbia: Expansions (Second edition)

Suburbia: Expansions contains three large expansions for Suburbia that were originally released independently — Suburbia Inc., Suburbia 5★, and Suburbia Nightlife — as well as two smaller expansions: Essen and Cons. These expansions can be used with Suburbia one at a time, in any mixture, or all at once!

This collection includes dozens of new building tiles, goals, and new mechanisms, such as the turn-order-altering star track, borough-enhancing borders, bonuses, challenges, a fifth player option, and more! The new buildings offer new categories as well, such as the high-risk, high-reward Nightlife tiles that provide a huge benefit while also taking a toll on your growing city.

This box is organized with GameTrayz organizers and made to be combined with the second edition of Suburbia, which has larger tiles than in the original release.

Product Details

Players 1 - 5 players
Age 14+ years
Time 60 - 90 mins
Designers Ted Alspach
Artists Jason Boles, Stephanie Gustafsson, Alanna Kelsey, Brett Stebbins, Taylor Bogle, Ollin Timm
Mechanism Auction: Dutch, Card Drafting, Catch the Leader, Hexagon Grid, Set Collection, Tile Placement
Year Published 2021
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