Widget Ridge: The Ghost that Stole Lightning
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About the Product


Widget Ridge: The Ghost that Stole Lightning

Widget Ridge: The Faraday Square Incident is a 20-card invention expansion that includes all the unlocked cards from Widget Ridge's original Kickstarter campaign. Cards can be combined or replace existing cards in the Widget Ridge starter set.

Includes 20 new cards:

1x Static-Powered
1x Gas-Powered
2x Cheaply-Made
2x Gravity-Powered
2x Street Cleaner
2x Shovel Cannon
1x Pastry Oven
1x Treebuchet
1x Engineering Anvil
1x And It Has Pockets!
1x With 5 Different Kinds Of Cheese
1x With A Glitter Cannon
2x On Stilts
2x With A Space For Advertising

Product Details

Players 1 - 2 players
Age 12+ years
Time 15 - 45 mins
Designers Ian Taylor
Artists Unknown
Mechanism Deck, Bag, and Pool Building
Year Published 2019
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