Paths of Glory Deluxe Mounted Map
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About the Product


Paths of Glory Deluxe Mounted Map

Based on positive feedback to our our mounted mapboard releases, we are offering mounted maps for several of our most popular games as P500 items.  These are regular 22 x 34 inch game maps, but mounted - same quality as our COIN Series, Twilight Struggle, Washington's War, Here I Stand, Sword of Rome, and Wilderness War reprints.

We are now offering a double-sided mounted map for the Deluxe Edition of Paths of Glory. Here's a look at the new Tournament Map from artist Terry Leeds. The other side of the mounted board will include the traditional PoG map by Mark Simonitch.

Product Details

Players 2 - 2 players
Age 14+ years
Time 480 - 480 mins
Designers Ted Raicer
Artists Charles Kibler,Terry Leeds,Rodger B. MacGowan,Mark Simonitch
Mechanism Campaign / Battle Card Driven,Dice Rolling,Point to Point Movement
Year Published 2018
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