Imperium: The Contention (Deluxe Version)
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About the Product


Imperium: The Contention (Deluxe Version)

Only one may wield the Void Scepter.

Experience the world's first 4X card game with area control. Choose one of six factions, each with a preconstructed deck, or build your own from a complete collection of over 300 cards (all included). 2-6 Civilizations will enter The Contention, but only one will claim the Void Scepter (solo campaign available). Playtime about 20 minutes per player.

You begin with a homeworld, in a random galaxy waiting to be explored. Each turn, you can colonize new worlds, move ships, play cards, and battle your enemies. A unique simultaneous turn system eliminates downtime between turns. Streamlined 4X mechanics keep the game fast paced and tensions high. Cards are played simultaneously in secret and revealed at the same time.

There are many paths to claiming the Void Scepter. Your favor represents your Imperial influence. Gain 8 favor, or claim 8 or more worlds, and the Void Scepter will be yours. Gain the Imperium's favor by destroying enemy worlds or political intrigue. Manipulate politicians, spies, megacorps, and mercs. Take the Imperial Capital by force, and use the seat of power to convince the Imperium only you are worthy.

Now is the time! Lead your civilization to new heights and claim the Void Scepter!

—description from the publisher

Product Details

Players 2 - 6 players
Age 13+ years
Time 30 - 120 mins
Designers Gary Dworetsky
Artists Radoslav Javor, Chris Rallis, Juan Pablo Roldan, Alex Ruiz, Stefan Celic, Chris Ng Fhze Yang
Mechanism Area Majority / Influence, Grid Movement, Hand Management, Modular Board, Simultaneous Action Selection, Take That, Variable Player Powers
Year Published 2020
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