Top Nine Board Games in Vaughan!

Board games have always been a primary mode of amusement! Over the centuries, an enthusiasm for board games has never faded away. Neither does it ever fail to elicit excitement among the gamers. Undeniably, it is a fun way of strengthening bonds! With technology evolving at a rapid pace, there has been a plethora of evolution in board games as well! Whether it is a classic old game of chess or a new trending Twilight Inscription board game, there is something for everyone! In this article, we have compiled the top ten board games in Vaughan that every player must try their hands on! Scroll down to find out more!

Architects of the West Kingdom

Inspired by the end of the Carolingian Empire, circa 850 AD, in the Architects of the West Kingdom Board Games, players are portrayed as royal engineers who strive to impress their King while maintaining prestige by installing several milestones throughout their newly appointed province. Players must gather raw materials, hire trainees and vigilantly observe their undertakings. During this phase, your opponents will strive hard to slow down your progress, and it could be a perilous time for you and your newly hired trainees. What will be your move? Would you prefer fighting against your rival while staying honest in your job, or will you join the company of crooks and black marketers?

The game’s primary objective is to gain the most victory points at the end of the game. Such moments are earned by installing several edifices and enhancing work on the Archbishop’s Cathedral. Considering all the ups and downs in the middle of the game, there will be several instances wherein you need to make many moral decisions as a player. Nevertheless, only the one with high morale will be counted positively at the end of the game. It is imperative to understand that you will be punished at any stage if you make any deceitful deals in the game. Following the construction of the highest number of buildings, the game ends!

Twilight Inscription

Ideal for one to eight players, Twilight Inscription is a dynamic board game. Based on the number of players partaking and their knowledge of the game, it lasts between 90 to 180 minutes. The players pick from one of twenty-four distinctive sections and strive to conquer the galaxy over several rounds drawn from the Event Deck. Each game commences with an event being exposed.

Captain Sonar

Immensely stimulating Captain Sonar board games is a real-time game concerning battling submarine crews. Who wouldn’t love to come to a knowledge of something like that by playing it? It is one the best ways to unleash your inner zeal of virtually experiencing real-life submarine battling!

This game has two rival teams of 4 to 3 people each. Furthermore, there will be a large screen between the teams so opponents can’t see each other’s faces. Each team incorporates four roles. The Captain has the leading authority to decide everything. Then, the Radio Operator listens to the directions and commands of the opponent’s Captain and strives to figure out their exact locations on the map. The First Mate keeps assessing various sub-systems in the vessel and circulates details between the Captain and Engineer. Lastly, the Engineer maintains their mini game while controlling the submarine from falling apart in the water. They are the primary basis of consistent annoyance for the Captain. Each team must operate together in real time to discover the other sub and destroy it.

Cry Havoc

Extremely enthusiastic Cry Havoc board games are played between two to four players. It is best suited for gamers aged ten and above and usually takes 2 hours to complete the game. Cry Havoc is a card-driven, area-control battle game with two distinctive sets in a harrowing science vision stage. Each player oversees one of four outstanding fictions with varying powers and crews. The game incorporates fifty-four custom representations, an extensive design board, and over one hundred distinctive cards, everything with incredible fresh artwork.

Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps

The game Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps comprises two distinctive play modes that gamers must choose prior to setting up, owing to the variations in both: Campaign or Bug Hunt Missions. In the campaign mode, players must partake in one to three missions that are plus supply or rescue ones, inspired by the 1986 movie. Big Hunt Mission is a discrete Marines v/s aliens battle to the death.

Each mission possesses an accompanying mission card highlighting the requirements of the board game, such as the set-up of all map elements and how to interact with them, a starting gear, how to set up the activity tracker deck, and when to begin drafting from it. Following this, the players must select a character card to oversee and utilize the submarine side. Any unselected ones are reversed to the grunt side and controlled by the group. Every character has a purpose to deal with. Lastly, the endurance deck is constructed only after providing the gear.

Arkham Horror: Final Hour

The Arkham Horror: Final Hour board games are fully collaborative and fast-paced, ideal for one to four players. Since an interminable wave of demons mops throughout the Miskatonic University campus, players must restrain them and forage keenly for the traditional details necessary to end the absurdity. This game can be played in under 60 minutes, and the player’s fate relies on collaboration with fellow investigators. The probabilities against the player are astronomical; this will be the conclusive hour for Arkham and the world if they fail to succeed.

Tiny Towns

The Tiny Towns board games are playable between two to six players. In this game, players need to construct the most impressive Town. During per round, the “Master Builder” will specify the resources required to be prepared, and the players will earn one unit of that resource. Afterward, players can determine the resources needed to build edifices based on the construction cards in play. It is highly advisable to pick your resources vigilantly! The place where you construct and the quality with which you build will specify the density of your Town and how many points it will score! At the end of the move, a new player is regarded as the Master Builder. The game continues until all the players in the Town are at the maximum density so that the score can be evaluated to determine the winner with the highest points at the end of the game!


Analytic determination Cryptid board games are games wherein the players are deemed as cryptozoologists who are in search of a hidden creature. Each player retains exactly one clue that provides data regarding the creature’s location. After combining all the hints, it becomes one isolated location on the map that demonstrates where the creature can be easily located. The first person who succeeds in finding the spot is considered the winner of the game!

Time Chase

The game tells the story of a player who discovers the key to time travel puzzles, leading to a scientific discovery with the potential to change the world. But when you make such a significant discovery, rivals will try to take credit for it. You must prevent some of your scientific peers from trying to go back in time and take credit for the discovery! In the trick-taking Time Chase board games, you can go back in time to past sets of tricks (events) and alter how they turned out. The winner and most renowned researcher in the world will be the first player to have control over three instances in the timeline.


In the above blog, we have given detailed information on the leading board games that every game fanatic must try their hands on!

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