Two-Player Board Games For Couples

Looking for some new ways to spice up the relationship between you and your special someone, and make the most out of being quarantined? Well, how about trying something that will stimulate your brain and also make everything fun for you two????

Game night is one of the great and nicest ways to spend a fun night in. It is going to be the best way to unwind together and share some healthy competition. In fact, it’s indeed going to be FUN and can be perfect for a little personal fun with your better half. But, now you might be wondering which one to buy? Well, here I am to help you with top family board games Toronto!!

In this write-up, I will be presenting a list of exciting and fun board games for couple’s game night with ample of options depending on the mood you two are having. Ranging from competitive to cooperative, simple to complicated, I have got everything covered for each one of you. So, without any further ado, here are some of the best 2-player board games couples can enjoy.

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5 Fun Board Games to Play as a Couple –

Fog of Love –

This one is a unique 2-player board game where you two can get to know how relationships actually start, how they develop further and how they potentially end with one another – in so many different and dramatic ways. 

Before starting this game, players have to make a selection of relationship goals and select what traits do their character have, and it is going to determine what would be their ultimate win condition. When playing it, the characters will be placed in different scenarios where an ideal decision has to be made. It can be as major as buying a property together and as minor as leaving the toilet seat up. Many times, two of its players secretly makes their decisions and then compare them afterwards. As game proceeds further and choices are made, characters become more self-centred, sensitive or stubborn, or gentle. And if two of these characters become much distanced they could break up with one another. Must say, it is one of my favourite board game to play as a couple because it is indeed fun and will make you explore more about your relationship.

The Blood of an Englishman

This game is a nicely themed board game where one person takes the role of the Jack, and the other one takes the role of Giant in the fabled beanstalk and jack story. 

While playing this one, like Jack, one has to make use of beanstalks to steal a bag of gold, a golden goose whereas as Giant, the other player has to organize all the Fee, fi, fo fum cards in the right sequence.

The gameplay in the blood of an Englishman is quite asymmetric. The reason is simple – because every player has his own actions and choices to make in order to manipulate the cards in the beanstalks. The game indeed keeps on turning differently with the ever-changing board state and is a struggle to win for both ends.


Are you someone who considers yourself as a wordsmith and loves playing with words? If you and your better half love Scrabble, you should give this little board game a shot of try. When playing this one, you will see a lot of titles with different letters on them. In it, one has to draw from the bag and try to make a completely connected crossword that has all the letters covered in it. 

The game of Bananagrams continues until the time when a person fits all their tiles into words, and there is no longer anything left to draw in the bag. If you are someone who wishes to play a bit fast-paced and chaotic game – this oddly packed board game would be fun to play. The best part about this game is – it actually fun to see the creative words a player comes up with while playing irrespective of who wins it lastly. If now played yet, give a shot to this one in this lockdown.


Santorini is already a hit in the board game community. It is an accessible strategy game where you play as a young Greek God or Goddess competing to best aid the island’s citizens in building up the island of Santorini. The best part about this board game is – it has a minimalist and striking design. It takes minutes to learn this game, but it is much more challenging to master it.

The rules to play this game are somewhat simple. Every turn has 2 steps in it – move and build. While playing, at first, a player has to move one of his workers at a certain spot and then make a building at any spot that is adjacent to that of his worker. The rule is – the worker can only move up only one level while playing, and the aim is to get your workers on level 3 of building. In order to win, it is recommended to look many turns ahead and know other player’s logic in and out.


While a lot of board games on this list demands adequate concentration, patchwork is somewhat relaxing to play. In this, one has to make a quilt by purchasing and placing Tetris style pieces on the board. When playing, 2 players compete with one another to make the most aesthetic and high scoring patchwork quilt on a personal 9×9 game board.

Every square you made on a quilt is going to be worth 2 points till the time it is covered by a piece. On a turn, one either buys the patches standing clockwise or passes. If a player has to buy a patch, he needs to pay the cost in buttons shown on a patch and move the spool in the middle. The best part about this board game is time. By default, each piece has a specified amount of time required to sew it into the quilt. In a case, if you lack in the time, you can place put another piece. It’s indeed very strategic, interesting and the solitaire nature of the quilt building that is really fun to play with your significant other.

Get your game on with your significant other in this lock down

With so many options of board games to choose from, you will never run out of the possibilities. No matter if you are looking for some strategy-based board or a chill and relaxing board game; everything has got covered that you and your significant other. So, what you have been waiting for since so many months? Buy board games Toronto and make the most out of this time.

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