Top 7 Board Games that Children and Adults Can Enjoy Together

Welcome!!! For anyone who is interested in forging a healthier and more profound connection with their loved ones and kids or those seeking a way to spend the time during social distancing, board games are a fun way to spend time together and form stronger bonds. The thrill of being bound by your closed ones when the whole world is hustling to a halt is something to look forward to. Playing these games puts you in friendly competition with one another. It provides a way to interact with one another outside of using your smartphones, watching television, using the internet, and eating together all the time.


“Board games are an item that we buy once, and they stay in our families for years—sometimes even decades.” 

Buying a new board game to make every minute indoors more productive and gratifying is the most entertaining way to engage with everyone else. Whether you are a frequently-scheduled game night type of family, or possibly you just like to play the game occasionally or two together to turn an otherwise dull night into a fun activity night at home. No matter what the case is, there are innumerable board games out there to choose from that will help to kill the boring time with your kids and beloved ones – they will help you all bond together, too.

From in-depth strategy-based games you can play for long and long hours to simple-to-play, quick-play games in which even your youngest kids can participate; there are some of the best board games available today for families to add to your arsenal. So, no matter if you wish to play classic board games or want to try some more family board games, you’re sure to find one that you would definitely love. In this write-up, we have rounded up the top 7 family board games to play for all age groups, so you can spend time together, cozy up, and get to serious gaming now and beyond! All of these board games can be bought online and shipped to your doorstep with BoardGamesNMore to help lift the spirits, physically and mentally, both.

Top 7 Board Games for All Ages That Will Make Everyone Enjoy And Happy

Carcassonne Or My First Carcassonne Board Game

This board game is fun to play and my personal favorite too. While most of the games today are based on luck, and there is no strategy used in it, this first Carcassonne board game makes kids think strategically. When playing this game, a player has to put tiles to make streets in the city of Carcassonne. This game is known to be fantastic means to grow spatial intelligence, which I like the most about it. Carcassonne is so much fun to play with, so if you haven’t played it yet, get it ordered and give a shot to it.

Mastermind Or Master Mind

Mastermind or Master Mind is a code-breaking board game for one or two players. Given that this game is insanely simple to play, it is its real beauty. When playing this mastermind board game, a secret code is given by the computer or one player, and the other has to figure it out using his or her logic and guesses. A player has to solve a secret four-color code in it. The amazing part is it has more than 2000 combinations in it, which makes it never the same game again, and this is what adds real fun to it. Buy this fun game today with BoardGamesNMore.

No Yolk

This game is created by an 11-year-old kid who himself loved chickens so much. No Yolk is basically a farm management board game that is more complicated than many other kids’ board games in the market. The end goal of this game is to make 15 coins before the other play. A player can do this by spending a few coins on upgrading and creating a farm look better. Chickens lay eggs that can be fertilized and added as a cartoon that you can sell later on. No York game has a slower pace, but it is actually fun to play and easy to understand.   

Monopoly Jr.

Monopoly is a much complex board game that too often leads to trouble, whereas, on the other hand, Monopoly Jr. is much simple and easy to understand the game. It’s quick, simple, and features kid-friendly characteristics. In this game, players move their tokens around the board, buying their properties in love with such as the zoo, a film theatre, and a video pastime shopping arcade. It’s so much fun for them to put a “sold” symbol on their very personal property. What I find the best about this game is that it’s accessible and exciting for younger players.


Crokinole is one the best and easiest to learn board games till date, but it takes almost a lifetime to master it. In this simple sliding game, there are different tournaments in which a player aims by hitting chips for the centre that is usually bumped by numerous bumper pegs. One can ward the opponents off by hitting the chips off on the board. There are many basic starter boards available today; if needed, you may look out for highly polished and a regulation-sized board too. To be honest, I really like playing this one with my kids and wife. So, I would recommend it to you as well.

Hasbro Gaming Scrabble 

This absolute classic and unique board game was conceived back in the year 1931. I would say your pandemic time is not going to be complete and worthwhile unless and until you have played this one with your family members and kids. Hasbro gaming scrabbles game can be played within two or four players, where they have to make the words, in the cross-way format, on the game board. This board game is specifically designed for those aged above eight years and up, but it’s indeed fun for others. So, get this game ordered and play it with your family members and kids.

Liar’ Dice 

When playing this family board game, you will get the whole family laughing and lying – all together for a long time. While you roll the dice, don’t let other players see what you have got, then bid on the number you think there are in the field. You can add more cups and dice in this game if there are more players and play extendedly with your kids and family. Liar’s dice game is also simple to reconstruct yourself, if you need, having a couple of packs of dice and some rolling cups. It’s an easy strategy game for kids and grown-ups to play together.

Buy Board Games For The Game Night 

So, now as you got to know about these amazing board games for the game night, it is the time to get it ordered and have some memorable, fun, and exciting time on your family’s game night. It would be best to shop these fun-to-play board games Canada from BoardGamesNMore, at cost-effective prices.

If you have any concerns or feel like there should be some other board game too, that should be listed in this list, comment below, and feel free to let us know about that!

Till then, bye and play these games with your loved ones!!!

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