10 Best Upcoming Kickstarter Board Games in 2021

Boardgame enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for upcoming board games in 2021. More and more people started playing and enjoying board games in the COVID-19 pandemic. This enthusiasm is not going to come down anytime soon. 

2021 is the year where it is expected to see some ground-breaking board games. Let’s see what 2021 has to offer board games, lovers:

Monster Hunter: World Board Game 

In Monster Hunter, every player controls a separate character who battles epic beasts employing different weapons from Dual Blades to slaughtering tools such as the Switch Ax (that can transform into a sword).

By vanquishing beasts, players gather their parts and use them to make new weapons. Concerning the board game, we need to hang tight for additional details.


Exile, designed, and illustrated by Ryan Laukat. It is a city-building game that highlights the story of individuals constrained away from their homes by a huge meteorite and dangerous creatures that showed up along it. After quite a while, they appear to be vanishing, and it’s an ideal opportunity to rebuild civilization.

Every player picks a character with exceptional traits and cards and starts reconstructing a single city with others. The game permits everybody to utilize the structures and specialties of different players. In spite of that, ongoing interaction is serious, and there is no randomness.

Batman: Gotham City Chronicles – Season 3

The original Batman: Gotham City Chronicles was one of the best Kickstarter board games campaigns. The game has gathered over $4,400,000 pledged by more than 19,000 sponsors.

Despite the “Second Season” campaign, the fanbase of Bruce Wayne wants more, and in the year 2021, they will get more of their favorite game in the form of a board game. 

The third season will present numerous ongoing interactions that make everything more enjoyable. Likewise, the makers are encouraging new solo and co-op modes viable with each and every scenario released up until now. We can anticipate new storage solutions and scenarios, new occasions, and characters from Gotham City.

Masters of the Universe

Are you an 80 or 90s baby? If your childhood occurred during that time, you must have heard about He-Man and the whole Masters of the Universe establishment. Although many years have passed, many will still adore and will get another film adaptation soon. 

As of late, we’ve come to know about the board game adaptation that was declared by CMON not very long ago. The publisher says many beloved characters will show up. The game will be planned by individuals liable for Bloodborne and The Song of Ice and Fire: The Miniatures Game.

Darwin’s Journey 

Fans of Tzolk’In and other profoundly complex euros are in for a treat here. The creator of the mainstream board game about Mayans, Simone Luciani, sets up a fresh out of the box new title with Nestore Mangone. 

Darwin’s Journey will launch on Kickstarter in 2021. It recounts an account of Charles Darwin thinking back his undertakings through the Galapagos Islands in 1835. Worker placement mechanics are utilized for investigation, assembling, and sending your discoveries to exhibition halls. To have the option to do that, you first need to examine certain activity opening orders.

Tinners’ Trail 

It’s a recent trend on Kickstarter to remake games designed by Martin Wallace. Brass’s two editions were crowdfunded and highly acclaimed; critics, as well as board game players, loved them. Another game designed by the company will be available with updated features.

In Tinners’ Trail, players are traders and miners who are searching for precious ore. In this game, the economic aspect has a significant role to play. The 2021 edition will have two expansions, upgraded rules, and a varied player count.

Quantum Shock

In Quantum Shock, you will witness horror science fiction. The game allows 2 to 4 players to play together and live the experience. There are several creative actions in the game. Players can attack, hide, move, jump over the map; use teleports; they can even manipulate time ad space to fulfill their goals. There are 10 episodes in the game, and each campaign takes nearly 2 hours.

Dice Theme Park

Dice Hospital tasted tremendous success. Alley Cat Games are putting their best in another game that uses dice, but the setting is entirely new. The game designers are Adrian Adamescu and Daryl Andrews; they are best known as creators of Sagrada. 

In Dice Theme Park, players will create their park using a pool of special dice.  Unique mechanics like “dice cascade,” etc., adds fun to the game. 

Weather Machine

Vital Lacerda, the board game author of Lisboa, On Mars, is one of the most recognized Kickstarter board game authors. Weather Machine is going to be launched in the year 2021. The background of the game is a steampunk-style world. In the game, players are the leaders of various companies and are trying to sell a unique machine controlling the weather. There are numerous goals in the game that take the players to victory. 

Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles – Episodes 3 & 4 

Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles – Episodes 3 & 4 has four episodes that comprise euro-style games. In the game, a group of castaways is trying to survive in a world occupied by dinosaurs. Playing with them provides a unique experience. The first two installments of the game were crowdfunded in 2020, and 3, and 4 episodes are coming to Kickstarter in 2021. In new episodes, the action occurs when humans tame dinosaurs and utilize them to carry out various tasks and unravel the island’s final mystery.

Final Words

Kickstarter Board Games are going to steal the hearts of board games fans. Board games Canada provides ample opportunities to board game enthusiasts to have a great time playing their favorite board games. 2021 is going to be a great year for board games players.

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