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Welcome to Board Games N More! We have got you some interested and best board games Canada that can make your ideal time filled with more excitement. For now, let us keep the boredom aside and order the newly featured games that can make your time more memorable with friends. Buy Board Games and say BYE to the boredom.

Paleo (French):

Paleo is an adventurous game in which the players make the humans in their care alive on the way to complete the missions. You might need to collect the fur or tent, but these are little crusades if you think of measuring it with the goals are holding of painting a wooly mammoth over the wall. This will depict that the humans would know that you existed for thousands of years.

With the skill and a certain amount of life, the player starts the game with a couple of humans. All you need to do is acquire food or the resources and craft a useful item. You can also help someone with their project or can experience life in this adventurous game full of wonders and terrors.

You can get it at $67.99.


Thrive is a very strategic game with the simplest rules that evolve in complexity. Your part in playing would be the lotus flower controlling the pond. Capture them all and win the game of decision making. Gain the probabilities for the movement on the future turns. This game can be played for 6+years and consists of 20-30 minutes. You can get it at $39.99.


Wanna be the raw game player? This Glasgow game is for you. Travel around the city to gather the resources, form some actions and construct the buildings. Form a factory and receive the goods, form a train station score differently, build the monument and collect a series of points. Gather the points as much as you can. Gain the resources such as brick, steel, or money around the town. Pay each of them and build something that can give most of the points. This game can be played for 10+years and consists of 30 minutes. You can get it at $41.99.

Schotten Totten 2:

This is the newest features adventurous game and is familiar to the ones who have played Schotten Totten with having little twists. Here a player will act as the attacker those breaches the walls of the defender and all they have to do is gather the entire force by playing the cards and form it at seven locations on the battlefield. Every location will have 2-4 cards while depicted on every spot. The strong formation in a location would claim the specific spot. Therefore, the location spot is analyzed by the players with the help of the cards. This is quite an interesting game. This game can be played for 8+years and consists of 20 minutes. You can get it for $18.99.

Survive: Escape from Atlantis:

This Survive is an adventurous game where players displace their pieces from the island breaking up. You must know that the pieces of the high value are made up to the locations to maximize the score. The island is built up with the 40 hexa-tiles that are abruptly sinking in the ocean. Every player takes control of the 10 people where they have to move towards the island’s safety before the main part blows up. You can get help with the boat avoiding serpents, sharks, and whales on the way for safety. This will be loved by the children and is for the 8+years. It consists of 45-60 minutes and is played among 2-4 players. You can get it at $47.99.

Catan: Starfarers-5-6 Player Extension:

The Catan game consists of the components that are required to conduct the games of Catan: Starfarers with around 6 players. A system Pilot 1/ Pilot 2 turn-taking assures the players who stay a lot more into the things with permitting the building and moving around the turns. This newly introduced extension that a mysterious alien civilization: The Travelers come up with alliances with the Travelers to gain advantages to the supernatural powers.

This is quite an interesting game. This game can be played for 5-6 years and consists of 90-150 minutes. You can get it at $67.99.

Carpe Diem (New Box):

This lovely dovely game slips your role as the rich patricians in ancient Rome. You have to stand out different building a beautiful city district to score with the prestige points. The legal way to reach the building is gathering a huge variety of scorecards with different strategies

This is something out of the box game. This game can be played for 2-4 years and consists of 45-75 minutes. You can get it at $55.99.

Latte Throwdown:

This Latte Throwdown is the dice pool or dice rolling game. You would be the Barista here that have to compete in the Latte Art throwdown competition. You need to complete this and core the best latte pours before the competition. Match your dice to the combinations on the cards themselves and make 20 points to win. Try not to come in between the other Baristas, keep an eye and spill your milk.

This is a mind game. This game can be played for 8+ years and consists of 15-25 minutes. You can get it at $35.99.

Don’t delay! Find these extraordinarily affordable and interested Board Games on a single order. These Board Games Canada can let you enjoy the time. Get something more than just entertainment.  The main goal of the Board Games is to entertain and bring the families and loved ones together through competitive and cooperative gameplay. Board Games Canada offers more than just entertainment. Buy best Board Games today without any wait as the offers may be a single time.

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