Bloodborne: The Board Game Coming to Kickstarter 2021

In 2021, you get to see a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, but the most adaptable board game of this year is going to be Bloodborne: purely a horror RPG video game.

This Bloodborne Board Game Canada is an action-adventure game where 1-4 players perform the role of the hunters that work together to come across the plague source. If you get to be one of the players in this game, you have to face off against beasts, monsters, and frenzied townsfolk. Therefore, gathering the detailed miniatures included in the game brings the entire world to life.

The components of this Board Games Canada will be:

• Saw Cleaver Hunter
• Threaded Cane Hunter
• Ludwig’s Holy Blade Hunter
• Hunter Axe Hunter
• 4 counter bases

Play Board Games with the enemies as follows:

• 4 Church Giant
• 4 Huntsman’s Minion
• 4 Male Beast Patient
• 4 Female Beast Patient
• 4 Scourge Beast
• 4 Church Servant
• 4 Hunter Mob

The bosses of this Board Game Canada would be:

• Father Gascoigne
• Father Gascoigne Transformed
• Blood starved beast
• Vicar Amella
• Cleric Beast

Its other components of cards include:

• 1 Hunt Board
• 20 Map tiles
• 4 double-sided trick weapon dashboards
• 4 hunter dashboards
• 11 firearm cards
• 48 basic stat cards
• 60 upgrade cards
• 36 consumable cards
• 25 reward cards
• 14 enemy cards
• 6 Enemy Action cards
• 50 boss action cards
• 5 boss HP cards
• 250 campaign cards
• 4 players and cards
• 1 Rulebook
• 2 broken lamp tokens
• 8 consumable tokens
• 15 insight tokens
• 5 corpse tokens
• 5 survivor tokens
• 7 NPC tokens
• 12 blood echo tokens
• 6 Fog gate tokens
• 4 Frenzy tokens
• 4 poison tokens
• 40 HP tokens
• 1 Hunt track token

The Process

With the unique Trick Weapons and including several forms and powers, Hunters need to think abruptly and get to adapt to the tactics to overcome further the horde of foes that stands up all in the way. You need to get to it by learning the behavior entirely, exploiting weaknesses, and striking it down. You know luck acquires a very little way in it with featuring the unique card-driven combat. Whatever you jump onto, either success or failure, it will be all based upon the choices you will be making and the way you approach every engagement.

So, here the Yharnam town is at the mercy of the plague, which only hunters can stop it. With having an opinion over its healing techniques, the town of the Yharnam is very fastly degenerating like a plague which makes people into beasts and which further spread in an uncontrolled motion. Being a hunter, it falls over you to put an end to the growing hunger of the beasts. Though you have to fight it to the end with the beasts, monsters, as well as townsfolk to be alive for the whole night and further, discover the madness ahead to it. While being the campaign-based action-adventure game, players would be taking over the role of the Hunters that work together as a team. There are so many uncovered mysteries in the Yharnam town that you are going to discover as a player and as a part of the game. You can use whatever tricks you find to be amusing, or that can defend you further in the game. You need to exploit their weaknesses and strike them down.

The game specifications include 60 minutes of playing time with a max of 1-4 players and are majorly for the 14+ years of age children.

The highly detailed miniatures that are hunters and monsters in the game mainly show up with the beautiful and highly detailed miniatures that bring up Bloodborne to its life on your tabletop. Now, the modular detailed game tiles are highly modular and let you build the board as per your choice while you play. It also comes up with a unique and diceless combat system. It is resolved with the help of the combat decks so that you can choose how you will be attacking and with enemy decks keeps you on your toes.


Remember that death is a little inconvenience for the hunters. When they are put to the sword, a Hunter will reawaken inside the sovereign state of the Hunters’ dream, which is also ready to rejoin the Hunt. The Hunters might also voluntarily enter the Hunters’ dream and spend the collected Blood Echoes to further improving themselves. These come up at a certain cost; as you know, Time is the big enemy of the Hunt when the Blood Moon’s influence gets to grow. Moreover, the hunters who spend so much Time while being away from the waking world may return to discovery beyond the savings. If the players by themselves send Hunter to the Hunters’ dream by performing Go to the Hunters’ Dream action or when they are murdered in the combat, the player’s turn will get over.

If players complete the Chapter successfully, the Hunters will instantly go to the Hunters’ dream and get the Upgrade cards with the left-out Blood echoes. Further, if the players don’t wish to get on the next Chapter on an immediate basis, they save the progress and continue with the campaign later on. O, if they carry on with the same, then have a look at the following points:

• With the end of the successful Chapter, the Upgrade Cards are kept by the Hunter. These upgrade cards cannot be exchanged among the hunters.
• These also retain the consumables, firearms, and reward cards that they have gathered during the Chapter. Within the games, these can be freely exchanged among Hunters.
• The players also keep the entire insight cards from the completed insight missions.
• When all of these get collected, players take on the next chapter card.

The Storage

You need to store every Hunters’ firearms, consumables, and rewards together with their Hunter deck. Store the complete insight cards together, and the upgrade cards which were discarded needs to be shuffled back into the deck.

Therefore this Bloodborne board game is the competitive game recommended for 1-4players where the players take the role of the Hunters: the deadly warriors getting forward into the city of Yharnam to explore the hidden mysteries and combat the horrific monsters. Here, you can explore the long-kept secrets. From the total of 4 campaigns, the Hunters will get to grow in skill and power with every campaign.

Get to uncover a unique story in every campaign and survive long enough.

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