The Best 2 Player Board Games to Play with Your Partner!

Playing board games is a perfect way to form a bond!

We have compiled a comprehensive list of the best 2 player board games you can enjoy with your partner. They have become surprisingly popular among our screen-obsessed generation in the last few years. It is a great way to understand competitiveness and collaboration and have just plain old fun.

Hive Board Games

The hive board game is a highly addictive strategic game that can be played between two players. It can be played anywhere on a flat surface. There are twenty-two pieces (eleven black & eleven white) in this game, resembling a numerous range of creatures, each exuding a unique way of moving. The game starts when the very first piece is placed down. Now the second pieces are placed, which forms a pattern that eventually becomes the playing surface. Setting apart from other games, these pieces in this game are never removed and not all are meant to be played. The ultimate objective of this game is to surround the opposition’s queens, concurrently saving our queen. The player who ultimately captures the other person’s queen will win the game.

This War Without an Enemy

You must be familiar with this online board game if you have played a car-driven block wargame. However, it adds numerous innovations to revitalize the mid-17th century warfare and the unique nature of the conflict. The game is based on the first English civil war when the people of royal families fought for King Charles I, who was not supported by English Parliamentarian groups and their Scottish allies. There are five scenarios in the war:

  1. The Full War
  2. The Mid War
  3. The Early War
  4. The Mid-to-Late War
  5. Prelude to War

The game has separate card decks for each side, with two-thirds containing events. The card decks are progressively updated year to year to exude the historical progression of the war. The real nature of most of the issue is recreated using a set of Leader and regional blocks along with regionally based recruitment. Field battles have been amended with unique cavalry, infantry, and artillery rules. At the same time, a new system has been crafted for storming and sieges. This game aims to gain winning points by capturing the opponent’s cities. Also, the people of Parliament can move more towards victory by imprisoning the king.

Catapult Feud

The war for the floor has started once again! It’s time to make castles, prepare your army, load your catapults, and use tricky tactics to win the war. In this Cryptid board game, your only objective is to shoot down all your opponent’s troops and be in the game until the end.

Beginning with the youngest player in the game, pick your family: Cunningfields, and Chaufort. After that, you need to make your castle to protect your army. By utilizing your catapult, you can use your boulders to demolish your opponent’s castle and capture their army. The winning family needs to have at least a single army standing in an upright position. When all the troops of only a single family are destroyed, the game is all yours. The complete is played in a series of multiple rounds. Each player’s turn is bifurcated into four phases: Tactics, Aim, Fire, and Cleanup. You need to perform each one by completing each one before the next phase.

Paris Eiffel

The Eiffel Tower was built by an architect named Gustave Eiffel declaring the inauguration of the Universal Exposition. The public is divided into two parts: one who says it is a monstrous iron cyclops, and the other considers this a first step towards modern architecture.

The new board game of Paris Eiffel is an extension of Paris: La cité de la lumière. In this expansion game of Paris: La cité de la lumière, you will get a chance to visit Parisian marvels such as the Obelisk of Luxor, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre Museum, and the Eiffel Tower. Eight unique action postcards give far more variability in the game. The postcards are got along with a series of die-cut figures that will eventually contribute to a picturesque third dimension to your Paris.

Cryptid Board Games

In this Cryptid board games, there is something residing among us! An undiscovered creature roaming our streets, and if we track it, it is the discovery of the century. You need to play this game as a devoted scientist who can manipulate heat, movement, and sonic sensors to scan the city, determine the exact location of your quarry and seize them or take the role of a cryptid to follow your way via shadows and back alleys, removing the evidence of your existence as you proceed, desperately avoid capture. Expanding victory in this cat-and-mouse chase that can be played in a sprawling landscape, will need all inventiveness and foresight.

Wrapping Up

We know picking the best game among the endless sea of options is pretty challenging. That’s why we have curated this ultimate guide to the best 2 player board games you can enjoy playing with your partner.

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