Skytear Horde: Best Online Board Game

Influenced by tower defense video games, Skytear Horde is a fantastic online board game that can be played in both ways, solo as well as in teams. Imagine protecting your castle from the Hordes of Minions who have assaulted it. What fun! In Skytear Horde, you need to build up your defenses as hordes, while in return, hordes of minions turn out to kill you. Now, you must protect yourself and your castle. You will lose the game. You will lose the game if the health of your castle gets drained or your deck runs out of cards. You win once you have worked through three portals, all stages of the Outsider and the final obstacle to bring back tranquility.

How does the game work?

Skytear Horde is a tower defense-style card-inspired new board game where minions come out in waves, and you defend yourself and the castle against them. You must defend yourself on two fronts; you have a castle with a health value that gets mowed, and you also lose if your draw pi8le runs out. To accomplish this, you require a deck (either ready-made or put together using certain restrictions) of cards that provide you with allies, spells, equipment, and other tools to safeguard yourself.

The minions you will encounter are fetched from a deck based on the number visible on the portal card. You aim to knock down three portals along with the Outsider, seeking to break into your realm. Furthermore, the longer you delay, the more minions the portal generates. There are distinctively named minions that roam around in the so-called ‘backline.’ They don’t have any health or strength to attack unless a card permits them to attack. Minions lingering in the backline cause damage by grinding cards from the top of your deck into your disposable pile. You still can capture them in a free lane of the combat zone, where you can attack them as usual- and where they hit your castle if there is no one to fight against them. There are three different hordes in the game, with each horde having its own outsider. The expansion counts to another horde with its outsiders and new outsiders for enduring hordes.

During every turn, the portal generates numerous minions in lanes you must defend. Depending on how much authority you have on the portal, you can play allies into the lanes from your side of the combat zone. Every turn, each unit handles its impairment; to the unit on another side or to your castle(minion) or the portal (allies)- minions presented in the backline destroy cards from the top of the deck. If you succeed in managing to beat the first portal, the first renewal of Outsider comes. You can triumph in the game if you defeat its final process; most have two, and a single has three. Knocking down the second portal has no such effects. Nevertheless, it helps stop further offspring as you battle the Outsider.

The theme of the Game

This game has a superficially attractive design and bright, expressive artwork. This new board game inspired by Hearthstone efficiently manages to establish its persona. Each deck has a clear visual and mechanical image, and each Outsider is attached in a likewise manner to its minions. It helps in getting embroiled in this world. Regarding gameplay, the tower defense genre goes cooperatively with pressure, and this game immediately puts you under it. You constantly must evaluate threats, see when you can take a hit to build up your defenses, and observe the big picture as threats keep accumulating on you. It feels like you are the last hurdle standing in the way of a very ignominious destiny for the world; the game brings that sense of urgency.

How to Play?

It is the first solo online board game in which you can visually experience a generalized, supernatural force or power, interact with opposing units in their lane and have a dedicated combat zone with each turn include playing spells and responding to the unforeseen cards breaching the trust in each combat.

The game delivers you with an opportunity to make your deck, but the beauty is that that’s optional, and the basic decks (i.e., ‘all the red cards’). Every card has its strength.

The primary reason for building your decks is to combat the differences that can pass slowly. Besides the yellow Nupten faction, which is an expansion wing, no deck has means of approach to notable card drawing or selection. It should be noted that games are usually around the half-hour target, so restoration and re-attempting is always a choice.

The main playability Of Skytear Horde is the dedicated brawl between waves of monsters, your hero, and the armed forced securing the castle. You will lose the game if your castle is destroyed, or your deck runs out of cards. Furthermore, it is not enough to survive the Horde; you need to find the hoard to whom you can leave the castle and tear down the gates generating waves of minions. This game is the best online selling boardgames in Toronto.

Important Features

While you do several things simultaneously, you need to stay vigilant about preserving cards. The principal way of acquiring new cards is by destroying the monsters.

With quick setup, playing, and storing features, you can restart a new game to give it a new and fresh try.

Three challenging levels are suitable for both beginners as well as pros.


Skytear Horde is an exciting puzzle in which you must match up your units against opposing forces while being vigilant about your health and draw pile and ensuring that allies survive. It is a solo-friendly game in which you can also play collaboratively with more players.

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