Unleash Your Imagination with Top Abstract Games!

Imagine escaping the monotonous and day-to-day grind and momentarily slipping into the stimulating role of someone else. Board games never let you get bored! There are several abstract board games such as Boop, LYNGK, TA-KE, and many others that give us a chance to unleash inner intellectual and static thinking and immerse ourselves in the lives of someone else. These games primarily rely on the skills and strategic review of the players with no random elements, such as dice rolling or pulling cards. In this blog, we have compiled the new abstract games every player must try their hands on!

Spirits of the Forest

Players in Spirits of the Forest take on the roles of the four main components that feed the natural powers. A maximum of four players fight to collect the greatest number of nine distinct spirit signs. Each of them is linked to a certain natural component. Per turn, a player shifts spots, or retrieves jewels as well as draws a maximum of two spirit pieces from the jungle (a shared pool of 48 spirit pieces). After collecting all the tiles from the jungle, players alternate turns. Players receive nature scores at the conclusion of the competition for each spirit they control in a majority (added by favor counters). At the conclusion of the game, the player with the most nature values prevails.


It is an adorable yet challenging abstract game meant for two players. It is one of the new abstract games. Each turn you place a kitten on the mattress, it runs “Boop,” which indicates it compels every other kitten on the board one space away. Set up three kittens in a row to transform them into a cat, and then repeat by positioning three cats in a row to prevail. Nevertheless, don’t underrate the game, as you and your opponent will continually try to Boop kittens. It is more like assembling cats; you win by setting up your cats. Indeed, it is a cute yet tough abstract game. The game takes 20 to 30 minutes to complete. This game of Boop presents a quilted material board that spreads over the back of the box, which finalizes the tiny bed playing surface, along with eight wooden kittens and 32 cute cats for each player.

Azul Mini

The theme of Azul presents Moroccan white and blue ceramic tiles embraced by the Portuguese when their king Manual I visited the Alhambra Palace in southern Spain and get astonished by the awe-inspiring beauty of the adorned tiles. After being mesmerized by the interior beauty of the Alhambra, the king instantly ordered to decorate his palace with the same wall tiles.

Now, the player is assumed to be a tile-laying artist and has been charged to adorn the fences of the Royal Fort of Evora. Players take turns framing colored tiles from the suppliers to their player board. Depending on how a player has succeeded in enchantingly adorning the place with the tiles will define the player’s score points. Extra points are given to the player with distinctive patterns and finishing sets; nevertheless, squandered supplies adversely affect the player’s score panel. The player with the highest scores prevails in the game!


This game of LYNGK is one of the top board games in Mississauga and is played with 48 six-colored pieces. At the beginning of the game, all colors are unbiased and are not owned by any player. Nevertheless, during the game, each participant is supposed to select two hues. The game’s main objective is to make a deck of five pieces of distinct colors, keeping the chosen color at the top. The player with apparent tactics, and plans for the future, who succeeds in utilizing the odds of multiple moves on stones of their own, will eventually prevail in the game with a majority of the five stacks.


The game of Petris is meant for 2-3 players over 10+ years and takes 10 minutes to play. The game is concerned about controlling bacteria, and each player is epitomized as a scientist whose aim is to avert the propagation of the bacteria with keen supervision. These bacteria are starving, thence are constantly scrutinizing for a meal in the Petri dishes. A player needs to look vigilant. The bacteria in the Petri dish do abundant consumption and reproduce more, which makes it even more challenging to avert them! While playing, a player must efficiently manage the propagation of the bacteria so that they don’t reproduce more and do not establish their civilization in the Petri dishes. During each stage of contamination, a player with more bacteria compared to the opponent will get contamination points for each Petri dish. At the end of the game, a player with rarer contamination points prevails!


This game shed light on the late Middle Ages of Japan. The players are deemed as Shoguns, who attempt to amplify their powers to raise their influence in the realm. To this end, you choose people that will further be assigned to the emperor’s court. Nevertheless, if the selected person is good, will his traits benefit the shogun? With apparent tactics, you need to plan and keep a vigilant eye on your opponent so that you can assert your position on the court and win the game!


Calico, a tile-laying puzzle game of quilts and cats is one of the top board games in Mississauga. Players compete to sew the comfiest quilt in the game by accumulating and positioning the patches of distinctive colors and patterns. Each quilt must retain specified patterns, and the players should try to produce shade and pattern assortments that are aesthetically engaging and meant to lure the cuddliest cats!

The moves in the game are pretty straightforward. A player must choose a single patch tile from their hand, sew it to make a quilt, and then pull another patch into hands from the available three options. If a player succeeds in creating a hue group, they can sew a button on their quilt. If they successfully develop a pattern mix that lures any cats, a cat will arrive and curl up on the quilt. The game finishes, and the participant with the most elevated score for buttons, cats, and distinctive patterns wins!


The game of Katarenga is one of the new abstract games, and mostly played between two players. The game comprises a varying board, 16 pawns, and action practices emanating from chess. The movement of each pawn is operated by the color of the square it drives away from; red is a rook, Yellow for the bishop, green is the knight, and blue is the king. During each game, the board is formed from dual-sized quarter boards, each of which can be positioned either way up or around, producing a maximum of over 24,000 distinctive 8*8 boards. In the fundamental game, the player’s main objective is to take two pawns to the opposite side without getting seized. You can prevail with the four potential actions, visionary use of different potencies, and effective planning to outwit your competitor via tactical gameplay!

Final Thoughts

In the above blog, we have mentioned the top abstract board games. Regardless of age, all these games are meant to amuse you and boost your strategic thinking. These games are easy to learn and fun to play. Nevertheless, these games aim to evoke a sense of challenge to do better the next time.

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