The Ultimate Guide to Top Board Games in Burlington Canada!

Board games are one of the amusing ways of making the most of your time with friends and family. Many board games aim at boosting your intellectual skills while also contemplating at the same time. Board games are famous and the most preferred fun activity in Burlington. In this post, we have compiled the top board games in Burlington Canada. Scroll down to find out more!

Mountains of Madness Board Games

Ideal for three to five players, Mountains of Madness Board Games is a collaborative game in which players strive to sneak away from the Mountains of Madness while defeating turmoil and harm. In order to achieve the end goal of surviving amidst challenges, everyone must cooperate. To escape, players must explore the mountains and gather relics, then reach the peak and run securely. The mountain comprises tiles; each tile retains challenges and potential bounties. The main gameplay relies upon these challenges.

War Chest Board Games

Perfect for 2-4 players, War Chest Board Games is the latest bag-building war game. At the beginning of the game, players need to increase their banner call (drafting) considerably different units into their army, which players then utilize to grab essential rewards on the board. In order to triumph in the War Chest, players need to vigilantly and successfully control not only their armies on the battleground but also those waiting to get deployed. Players pull three unit coins from their bag every round and take turns employing coins to execute motions. Each coin demonstrates a military unit on one side and can be utilized for one of the several movements. Irrespective of whether you are four players playing in a team of two or two players competing one-on-one, the game comes to an end once a player or one team has positioned all of their control markers. That player or team prevails!

Onitama Board Games

With a perfect information abstract game with a spontaneous starting set-up, Onitama board games are the most renowned two-player board games in Burlington Canada. It incorporates a 5×5 board, where players initiate their match with five pawns on their side and a main pawn in the center. Each player possesses two open cards that display a potential move for their pieces. Any of the players can’t play the fifth card in the game. During every turn, a player selects one of their cards, moves one of their pieces per the chosen card, and then replaces the card they used with the fifth card. Then, the other player chooses one of their cards, moves accordingly, and swaps that card with the fifth card (now the card the first player just used). Shifting onto one of the competitor’s pawns pulls that pawn from the match. If a player takes the competitor’s central pawn or pushes his primary pawn into their competitor’s main pawn’s initiating margin, that player prevails in the game!


It is one of the most preferred board games in Burlington Canada. This game can be entertained solo as well as with five partakers. In Flamecraft, players assume the character of Flamekeepers, who collect items, set up dragons and cast mysticisms to boost the town’s shops. Dragons are the essentials, including bread, meat, iron, plat, potion, and crystal, and the Flamekeepers fully understand which shops are an ideal adobe for each. Players need to explore the shops in order to accumulate items and a favor from one of the dragons there. All the collected articles can be utilized to mystify a shop, which offers prominence and the popularity of all the dragons in the shop. In case, you succeed in attracting grandiloquent dragons, you will gain prospects to acquire even more prestige.

Codenames: Disney Family Edition

The board game Codenames: Disney Family Edition integrates all the impactful social word games with several of Disney’s most adored belongings from the past 90 years. It is a fun family game that includes both pictures and words. It is undeniably perfect for Disney aficionados. The Disney family edition of Codegames maintains the Codegames gameplay and features roles and locations from over 100 incredible years of Disney.

Anachrony Essential Edition Board Games

The Anachrony Essential Edition Board Games is a distinctive dualistic staff arrangement system. In order to tour the Capital or embark on the desolated areas for help, players need various connoisseurs, including Engineers, Scientists, Intellectuals, and Administrators, along with the Exosuits for protection and enhancement. Nevertheless, there is a shortage in the supply of both.

The game is recreated in four to seven turns, relying on the occurrence of the imminent disaster unless it is prevented. The expired turns are calculated on an active timeline. By activating the time gaps, players can return to the earlier turns to get fully equipped with the desired resources. Each Path is loaded with extensively distinctive pursuits that reward a player with tremendous success points when accomplished. The settlements of the Path will endure the impacts, but the Capital will not. The Path with the most gathered points will be the novel hub for the Capital, thus the most significant and essential force left on the planet.

Champions of Midgard: The Dark Mountains

The Champions of Midgard: The Dark Mountains adds thrills and amusement to the base game by facilitating five players. This edition incorporates new land journeys, a new enemy type (Bergrisar), more robust Trolls and Draugr, along with extra rune cards, market tiles, and much more.

The Dark Mountains, which is the first expansion for Champions of Midgard, is one of the most amusing board games in Burlington Canada. The game boosts player fables to faraway lands, allowing them to venture into the dark mountains wherein a Berigrisar exists and wage constant battle with the Archer Clans of the North. Players need to combat alarming mountain colossi and release archers who cohere with the cause. Following the freedom, players will see the archers as worthy allies, rarely missing, and outstanding hunters. Rivals faced by the players will effortlessly fall with the sure shots of archers.

Black Angel Board Games

Ideal for one to four players, Black Angel Board Games are incredibly passionate games. The game is best for ages 12 and above and roughly takes 2 hours to play. The game sheds light on how humans’ reckless manners have depleted Earth’s natural resources, eventually making it almost uninhabitable. The gameplay is about the sudden growth of clarity encouraged by the irreversible degradation of the planet; the great nations are compelled to put their disparity aside and share their knowledge to construct the most extensive spacecraft ever built collaboratively.


In the above post, we have compiled the top board games that every gaming buff must try their hands on! All the aforementioned games will elevate your mood and strengthen your bonds with fellow mates.

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