Vaughan Board Game Lovers: Back These Awesome Kickstarter Board Games

Board game lovers in Vaughan understand the excitement of finding a new, inventive game before it reaches the shops. Kickstarter has become a platform for enthusiastic artists to launch their board game aspirations, giving supporters the opportunity to not only purchase but also shape these masterpieces.

Today, we at BoardGamesNMore are highlighting a selection of great Kickstarter board games that Vaughan locals will not want to miss.

Shogun Big Box

Fans of deep strategy board games Vaughan will find a treasure trove in the Shogun Big Box. This definitive edition of Dirk Henn’s classic includes the base game and the Tenno’s Court expansion, alongside unique modules like Samurai, Military Leaders, and Chambers.

The Samurai module introduces escalating bonuses as you expand your territorial control, while Military Leaders offer unique advantages within their provinces and a dynamic scoring element. Chambers adds a layer of political maneuvering as you vie for influence and earn valuable points for strategic control.

Shogun Big Box delivers an intense blend of area control, worker placement, bidding, and a unique cube tower mechanism. With multiple paths to victory and expanded gameplay options, this is a must-have for enthusiasts of board games Vaughan seeking a rewarding challenge on Kickstarter.

Kingdom Builder: Big Box (Second Edition)

Kingdom Builder: Big Box (Second Edition) delivers a wealth of strategic possibilities for board game lovers in Vaughan. This definitive edition offers the award-winning base game alongside four expansions (Nomads, Crossroads, Marshlands, and Harvest) as well as three “Queenie” modules (Capitol, Caves, and Island).

Each game features a unique map layout and a randomized set of scoring goals, ensuring endless replayability. Master the core mechanics of terrain placement and settlement building, then leverage special actions earned from locations to adapt your strategy. Expand your kingdom wisely to meet the ever-changing scoring objectives and claim the most gold.

This Big Box edition ramps up the variety even further, inviting you to experiment with new terrain types, actions, and scoring conditions. Whether you’re a Kingdom Builder veteran looking for fresh challenges or a newcomer seeking a gateway to strategic board games, this collection is a must-have on Kickstarter.

Terra Mystica: Big Box

Terra Mystica: Big Box grants solo board game enthusiasts in Vaughan the ultimate experience of this highly acclaimed strategy classic. Delve into a world of 14 fantastical factions, each boasting unique powers and playstyles, as you compete on a modular landscape.

This massive collection includes the base game, the Fire & Ice and Merchants of the Seas expansions, and the dedicated Terra Mystica: Automa Solo Box. This solo expansion features ten intricate Automa (AI) opponents with varying difficulty levels, delivering challenging and engaging solo gameplay.

Terra Mystica rewards meticulous planning. Transform the terrain, build your structures, and manage resources thoughtfully to expand your reach and score points. The Big Box’s wealth of factions, map configurations, and the sophisticated Automa ensure countless hours of strategic exploration, making it a solo board gamer’s dream on Kickstarter.

Caverna: Cave vs Cave – The Big Box

Caverna: Cave vs Cave – The Big Box offers a focused, streamlined solo experience for board game enthusiasts in Vaughan who love Uwe Rosenberg’s worker-placement classics. In this two-player focused design, you’ll strategically develop your mountain dwelling, expand your cave, construct buildings, and gather resources over eight rounds.

Embrace the challenge of managing your growing dwarf workforce and making tough choices about which actions to prioritize. The Big Box combines the base game and Era II expansion, delivering increased variety in buildings, resources, and strategic paths. Explore the possibilities of mining, forging weapons with newfound ore, and even venturing into agriculture.

Whether you’re a seasoned Caverna player seeking fresh solo challenges or a newcomer to Rosenberg’s designs, The Big Box offers a satisfying, replayable experience that’s perfect for those moments when you want a Kickstarter board game night all by yourself.

The Great Wall (Kickstarter Dragon Pledge)

The Great Wall (Kickstarter Dragon Pledge) delivers a thrilling cooperative board game experience for fans in Vaughan. Lead ancient Chinese clans against the relentless Mongol Horde in this unique blend of worker placement, engine building, and strategic defense.

Each clan brings unique strengths and leaders, encouraging specialization and strategic cooperation. Build your engine by recruiting powerful advisors and strategically utilizing locations, all while preparing for the inevitable assaults. Coordinate with your fellow defenders during each dynamic season, utilizing your unique strengths to protect the Wall and earn Honor points.

The Kickstarter Dragon Pledge likely offers backers exclusive content and deluxe components, elevating the already impressive gameplay and replay value of The Great Wall. Band together with friends to overcome the challenge and emerge victoriously!

Intrepid (Kickstarter Edition)

Intrepid (Kickstarter Edition) thrusts Vaughan board game enthusiasts into a thrilling cooperative mission aboard the International Space Station. Assume the roles of astronauts from different nations, each with specialized technologies essential for survival.

Work together to manage life-sustaining resources, utilizing dice placement and clever tile arrangement to optimize actions. But cooperation alone isn’t enough; you’ll also need to overcome a unique disaster scenario, shaping every decision as you work towards a common goal.

Intrepid is highly replayable, with each nation and calamity providing a unique gaming experience. The Kickstarter Edition frequently includes special components or extensions, adding complexity and challenge to your space exploration adventures. Gather your crew and prepare for a stressful, strategic trip in which collaboration is your only chance for survival.

Why Back Kickstarter Board Games?

Kickstarter offers a world of possibilities beyond the shelves of your local game store. Here’s why it’s worth checking out:

Unique and innovative games:

Discover concepts you won’t find in mass-market releases, pushing the boundaries of gameplay.

Stretch goals and exclusives:

Many Kickstarter campaigns offer special bonuses and additional content for backers.

Be part of the process:

Give feedback, shape the final product, and experience the thrill of seeing a game come to life.

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