Big Box Bonanza: Must-Have Kickstarter Board Games for Epic Game Nights

For fans of board games, Kickstarter has grown to be a veritable gold mine, providing a venue for artists to raise money for fascinating and inventive ideas. Among these endeavors, “big box” board games have attracted a passionate fan base because of its promises of extensive gameplay, gorgeous components, and endless hours of entertaining immersion.

Let’s explore some of the most popular Kickstarter board games that are ideal for your long-desired epic gaming evenings.

Caverna: Cave vs Cave – The Big Box

Caverna: Cave vs Cave – The Big Box, a Kickstarter board game success, delivers a captivating head-to-head worker placement experience. Two players compete as dwarf clans, delving into their mountainside caves to excavate dwellings, construct buildings, and gather resources. Over eight rounds, actions range from acquiring new rooms and structures to expanding your family of helpful dwarves.

The Big Box edition adds even more depth, incorporating the Era II expansion. This introduces ore mining, weapon forging, and animal husbandry, alongside new rooms and action tiles. With variable player boards and a wealth of strategic options, each game of Caverna: Cave vs Cave offers a unique challenge.

While primarily a physical game, fans of online board games can find digital adaptations on platforms like Tabletop Simulator, allowing for virtual duels. Whether you’re competing in person or online, Caverna: Cave vs Cave – The Big Box is a rewarding experience for those who enjoy worker placement and resource management with a touch of dwarven charm.

Metro: City Edition – Deluxe Big Box

Metro: City Edition – Deluxe Big Box, a quality Kickstarter board game, takes the beloved tile-laying and route-building gameplay to new heights. Players compete as rival transportation companies, strategically constructing subway lines across iconic cities like Paris, London, and New York to transport passengers and earn victory points.

This deluxe edition is a collector’s dream, boasting six city expansions, each offering unique maps and challenges. Furthermore, it includes three modules from the original Metro game – Metro Companies, Metro Stations, and Central Tracks – adding strategic depth and replayability. With acrylic track tiles and a handy tile dispenser, this big box elevates the tactile experience of building your transit empire.

Whether you’re a seasoned Metro fan or new to the series, Metro: City Edition – Deluxe Big Box delivers a captivating blend of accessibility and strategic planning. Build your network, connect passengers, and become the dominant transportation mogul in this exciting Kickstarter board game.

Wallenstein Big Box

Wallenstein Big Box, an epic Kickstarter board game that transports players to the tumultuous era of the Thirty Years’ War. As influential military leaders, you’ll vie for dominance through strategic area control, resource management, and tactical battles.

The main game and all four expansion modules are included in this extensive Big Box version, which offers a ton of replay value and information. By capturing new lands, erecting structures, and winning the approval of the Emperor’s Court, you may grow your empire. But take caution—ignorance of your peasants’ demands might result in discontent and insurrection.

Every fight is made more exciting and tense by the unique dice tower combat system, which leaves you guessing as to how many of your troops will win. For lovers of Kickstarter board games and strategy games alike, Wallenstein Big Box is a must-have because of its captivating gameplay, deep historical background, and immersive elements.

Shogun Big Box

Shogun Big Box, a celebrated Kickstarter board game, immerses players in feudal Japan’s intense power struggles. As daimyo leaders, you’ll vie for control of regions through strategic bidding, clever action selection, and tactical cube tower battles.

This comprehensive edition includes the base game, Shogun: Tenno’s Court expansion, and three unique modules: Samurai, Military Leaders, and Chambers. These additions enrich the gameplay with customizable samurai bonuses, influential military leaders who grant region-specific advantages, and a chamber system that rewards tactical positioning on the board.

With its striking artwork, immersive theme, and diverse strategic paths, Shogun Big Box offers countless hours of engaging gameplay for fans of area control and historical online board games. Whether you’re battling for dominance in person or exploring online adaptations on platforms like Tabletop Simulator, Shogun Big Box promises an epic journey through feudal Japan’s warring factions.

The Great Wall (Kickstarter Dragon Pledge)

The Great Wall, a highly-anticipated Kickstarter board game from Awaken Realms, immerses players in a cooperative struggle against the invading Mongol Horde. As leaders of ancient Chinese clans, you’ll strategically manage resources, construct defenses, and deploy forces to protect the Wall and earn Honor points.

This unique game features asymmetric clan powers, customizable engines through Advisor cards, and a constant threat from the AI-controlled Horde. The “Dragon Pledge” on Kickstarter offers exclusive components and bonuses, enhancing the already impressive production quality. Each year is divided into seasons, with spring bringing new hordes, summer allowing for troop mobilization, fall focusing on card play and action resolution, and winter culminating in the horde’s assault.

The dynamic interplay of cooperation and competition, combined with the ever-present threat of invasion, creates a tense and exciting experience. Whether you’re a fan of cooperative games or simply crave a unique historical theme, The Great Wall (Kickstarter Dragon Pledge) promises an epic journey filled with strategic choices and thrilling battles.

Kingdom Builder: Big Box (Second Edition)

Kingdom Builder: Big Box (Second Edition) is a must-have for any tabletop enthusiast seeking strategic depth and replayability. This acclaimed Kickstarter board game lets players construct sprawling kingdoms across a modular board filled with diverse terrain. Each turn, you’ll place settlements matching your drawn terrain card, aiming to fulfill secret scoring objectives.

The Big Box edition is a treasure trove for Kingdom Builder fans, bundling the base game with all four expansions – Nomads, Crossroads, Marshlands, and Harvest – plus three “Queenies” mini-expansions. This means endless variety as you mix and match terrain, scoring cards, and unique abilities. Whether you’re vying for territory control, maximizing castle bonuses, or manipulating trade routes, every game presents fresh challenges.

For those seeking online board games, Kingdom Builder is available digitally on platforms like Tabletopia, allowing you to enjoy this strategic masterpiece with friends remotely. With its simple rules yet profound choices, Kingdom Builder: Big Box (Second Edition) guarantees countless hours of immersive kingdom-building fun.

In Conclusion

The world of Kickstarter board games is a veritable gold mine of inventiveness, with experiences ranging from strategic kingdom building to cooperative defense against hordes. With the addition of expansions, improved parts, and more replayability, Big Box editions elevate many games to new heights. These games promise endless hours of strategic enjoyment, whether you like to connect digitally through online board game platforms or to meet around a table with pals.

Discover the fascinating worlds these Kickstarter board games have to offer if you’re ready to have spectacular gaming evenings. All of these amazing board games and much more are available at BoardGamesNMore, your one-stop store for anything related to tabletop gaming.

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