MEDIUM-mind reading party game: review


Medium , a party game made by Greater than Games , made for 2-8 players. It is a type of word association game that taps into one’s psychic power! .In my opinion, it is a light party game , can be used as in ice-breaker as long as everyone speaks the same language. It is an easy game to teach and learn and everyone gets equal opportunity to participate. This game can be played in different languages as long as the players understand the initial words in English. We recently played with players whose first language is Portuguese and had working knowledge of English. The game started in English and as they attempted to try the next connector word, Portuguese was mixed in. It can be played with larger groups if players double up (this also facilitates and decreases the stress on the players).

I have found playing this psychic mind reading game with someone you know well is very amusing because you can guess the same word in many occasions on the first round. I enjoyed very much playing Medium with my sister, we were able to use our extra-sensory abilities to read each other’s mind and had many common words on the first attempt!!

In a larger group, it is harder to keep the interest of the other players intrigued as the one pair is guessing to associate the word. But with few modification, it can be made interesting with large group. These are the house rules : I would ask the other players to link their psychic power to blurt out the word as the same time as the current pair players to get points, not just using the psychic link card. Also add a prop (a crystal ball) for players to place their hands to say the word at the same time.

(photos by Eric Kalchio)

I find there is no stopping after playing just one round, it is addictive and you want more.

Complexity: Easy
Player interaction: High (House rules)
Time: Quick game

Click on the link to get more information about the game.

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