Do you have the heart to tear the game cards?

I heard about Legacy boardgames only as of last year (2018). I am so amazed with the creativity of the people who make these story telling games. It is definitely a like a movie or like a TV series , with cliffhanger at end of each game. Whatever decisions you make in the current game, impacts you in the next game and so on. The outcome of each game yields to the inquisitiveness to the upcoming game.

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In Legacy board games, the rules and components change over time per game pending on the outcome of the current game. Sometimes the player board and game board are destroyed and are altered, thus can not be used again!! These board games are quite expensive and the thought that they can not be played again is heart cringing!! In Legacy board game, you make your own legacy!! if you to change your legacy, you will need to buy a brand new game or a “recharge pack” to re-create another experience. These games can vary from 7 games to 15 games within the game ! So you need the time and the committement of the players.

Can’t tell you what is coming

Below are some examples of legacy board games that I will be trying. I am on the seventh game of Scythe Legacy. You need the time and commitment of players to complete these games. I have quite very much enjoyed to somewhat level playing Scythe Legacy game with my boyfriend. I have won three out of the 7 game. I must say that I am a sore loser!! That is for another blog . Playing games certainly reveals one’s character. I can not reveal what comes in each game as it is a secret , only to discover when you play.

We have attempted to play Charterstone as a family, but have not yet got the time and presence of all 5 family members in the same room for few hours ! Hope to complete at least first game before the end of this year. 2019. Stay tuned to see if we have actually gone through it.

My lists of legacy games to try :

1. PANDEMIC LEGACY: Season 1 and Season 2

2. SCYTHE Scythe: The Rise of Fenris

3. MACHI KORO Legacy



Risk Legacy was the first Legacy game ever made . It starts out as a regular game of Risk which quickly turns into craziness. 

We have played original Pandemic (an amazing cooperative boardgame for a family) as a couple and with family, very much had the satisfaction of winning the board. Yet to try the legacy version, I could only assume how the epidemic alters into something much more as the future games unravel. 

I had the opportunity to try the original Machi Koro at Gen Con, 2019 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It is a game of rolling dice and collecting income and racing to build landmarks . A definite must boardgame for a family. I bet the leagacy version is great too!

When you have time and the commitment of players, you can try legacy board games. An opportunity for friends to get together once a week for few hours to hang around and have a great time.

If you had a chance of trying out a legacy board game, share your opinion on my blog. Thank you for reading.

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