Top 11 Remote friendly Board Games during Social Isolation

Is your mental health getting worse due to social isolation? Many of them are undergoing the same situation. After all, loneliness kills everyone, from teenagers to senior citizens. We have to continue the practice of social distancing until the chapter of COVID-19 gets over. But if you are feeling sick and getting tired of following a regular monotonous routine, it is the high time to get the energy and positive vibes back. Do you know playing board games has top health benefits that are as follow:

  • Lower Blood Pressure.
  • Improves Critical Thinking.
  • Boosts Immune Systems.
  • Reduces Stress. 

Board Games have been very popular for many years. It is the traditional activity that brings laughter memories whenever playing with the entire family.

After performing in-depth research, we have selected the 11 remotely-friendly best buy board games that you can explore right below:

1. 7 Wonders


7 Wonders is one of the fun-friendly family board games that come from the house of Repos Production. It is the card development game that is suitable for 10+ ages and can be played with 2 to 7 players. It lets you become the leader of seven great cities of the prehistoric world.

If you want to shop the best buy board games Montreal, this one is the ideal option for you as it has seven cards for individual players who can choose from the particular deck and then transfer it to the rest of the neighboring participants. From the development of commercial routes to the collection of resources, everything is astonishing in the game. Other than that, the players will get so many chances to grab the bonuses, discounts, upgrades on future purchases.

2. A Feast for Odin


Tired of searching for the best places to buy board games in Toronto? Your search is over! A Feast for Odin is the cost-effective and stress-relieving Saga in the form of a board game designed mainly for young teens (12+ years old). The best thing is that the manufacturer has provided the ease to purchase it from the comfort of the homes.

It lets you discover new territories and has many day-to-day activities to gain an overwhelming board gaming experience. You can collect goods within the game to maintain a secure financial position and can play from 30 to 120 minutes to declare yourself as a winner in the end.

3. Agricola : Family Edition


Agricola family edition is the favorite amongst a lot of boardgamers, designed by the Uwe Rosenberg’s for 1-4 players specifically who are over 8 years old. The game features no hard rules, no building restrictions that means you will get casual gaming experience.

It is a turn-based game in which you will play the role of a farmer in a wooden shack with your dear ones. There are about 14 game rounds with six stages to assemble the resources or build the meadows at a farm. These BoardGames Montreal QC proffer the playtime of 45 minutes. Within this period, you can expand the house and can take action per round. Make sure one player can take each move at a time.

4. Arkham Horror: Final Hour


It is one of the best board games 2020 from Arkham Horror, crafted by the skillful designer named Carlo A. Rossi for the age group of 12 and more. It is a fast-paced and fully-cooperative activity for one to four players who can get amazing fun for 60 minutes.

In this game, there is a constant tide of monsters flowing through the campus of Miskatonic University. All you have to hold them while finding the spell components.

5. Codenames: Harry Potter


Whenever it is the matter to buy board games in Toronto, most youngsters put this first into the cart then look after another. Codenames Harry Potter includes the game mechanics from the duet of Codenames.

In this game, all players can work together to expose the right cards before calling the Dark Wizard, Lord Voldemort, or running out of time. Two plates can entertain at one time. For this, there is no particular age mentioned by the manufacturer that means anyone can use it without any hassle. Plenty of cards are present in the game in which players will guess phrases/words at one side and an image on the other.

6. Duelosaur Island


Ian Moss outlines Duelosaur Island with an ingenious mechanism for managing the hands so that kids can energize their mood and relax within 30 to 45 minutes. If your age is ten or more, you should consider this one to forget the social distancing from your mind without wasting time.

Each card in the game offered by the designer to serve the three purposes. Features the sequences of DNA that you might make for Dinosaurs and lets you attract with the blueprints. It involves the interactive “DNA dice” that you can mix and match between the Duelosaur Island and Dinosaur Island. Even there may have a new security symbol that you may see on the dice to make a further upgrade.

7. Exploding Kittens: NSFW Deck


Exploding Kittens is the #1 brand to buy board games in Toronto/Montreal. The successful Kickstarter project has many cards that you may find either too incredible or too scary. It is the stand-alone game allowing the merging of standard exploding kittens deck.

The playtime for Exploding Kittens is about 10 to 20 minutes and appropriate addition for 18+. It is the NSFW edition, which is played from 2 to 5 players in a single time. The combination of other decks may allow up to 9 contenders.

8. What Do You Meme: The Meme Party Game


The mind-boggling meme party game is another one of the best buy board games Montreal QC for 18+. Matt B. Frewer has curated this for meme lovers major for those who want to experience the adoption or fart louder in front of strangers.

A wide array of comics and reactions helps you to learn more about yourself and others. Even, it has famous internet-based illustrations of memes from “Challenge Accepted,” “Me Gusta” to “Rage Guy.”

9. Azul


The designer of the Azul board game is Michael Kiesling & its artists are Chris Quilliams and Philippe Guerin. The mechanism covers the pattern building, card drafting, tile placement, and set collection.

The game gives the freedom to Azul players to transform the colorful drafting tiles from distributors to the player board. Based on your tile placement and palace decoration, you can earn score points. There are many more chances to collect the extra points before becoming the winner while matching the specific patterns or completing the sets.

10. Tiny Towns


The victory points, small creatures, new land, cleverly constructing plans, elegant design makes it one of the affordable board games for 8 & 8+. In the tiny towns, you are treated as a mayor in the forest where the tiny woodland creatures have formed a hidden civilization away from the predators.

The estimated time to play this game is from 30 to 45 minutes. But after the completion of rounds, you can start it again to get rid of anxiety and depression. The 4 by 4 grids are available in the town, which you have to place on the specific layout for constructing the buildings. On creating a solid structure, you will redeem the victory points in one go.

11. Patchwork


Two players are required to execute the Patchwork that comes under the list of our top 11 remote-friendly board games to practice social and emotional skills. It is designed and developed to lay out all the patches in random circles.

You may have to place a marker in the clockwise direction with the use of buttons that are inbuilt placed in the game. For purchasing patches, you should pay the price in buttons. Later, it empowers you to push and set patches in the circle or the game board.

The Final Thought

Choosing the best board game in 2020 is a little confusing yet possible for you because there are so many brands flooded in the market that will help you make the desirable and worthy purchase. If you are searching for a one-stop store to buy the solo, abstract, adult & family board games on sale, then BoardGamesNMore is the right option for you.

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