The Top 10 Stores to Buy Board Games in Montreal

In a hurry? We have prepared a list of top 10 stores to buy board games Montreal, Canada, based on our in-depth market research that you can look after one by one to find the desired option.

1. BoardGamesNMore

BoardGamesNMore is your one-stop destination to pick the broad array of best board games for solo players, couples, family, social & emotional development. The store is established in the heart of Canada, Montreal, offers you fun-friendly games from 7 Wonders, A Feast for Odin, Adrenaline, Betrayal Legacy, Blood Rage, Blank Slate, Captain Sonar at the most affordable prices. The firm has made a reputed position in his business as they proffer the free local events to the community areas for a long time where families can take part with their kids to learn & play too many fun board games to boost problem-solving skills, cognitive skills, and strategic thinking. 

Checkout some remote-friendly board games Montreal/Toronto for social isolation – Arkham Horror: Final Hour, Codenames: Harry Potter, Duelosaur Island, Exploding Kittens: NSFW Deck

2. Le Valet d’Coeur

Le Valet de Coeur is the best store to buy board games in Montreal, Quebec, offering the soothing classic boards, casino equipment, plus cards, war games to have you relaxing experience with friends & family. The game house has been open for 20 years, providing the extensive range of gaming devices in both European & French-based language editions.

If you have an urge to shop board games online at economical prices, this one is the second option for you to explore the Star Trek Catan, Catan – Helpers of Catan, Dominion, Mage Knight & much more.

3. Board Game Bliss

When it comes to finding the online board game store in Canada, Board Game Bliss captures the attention at first sight. Founded in 2013 with a mission to sell modern board games to all the players to help them in bringing laughter memories with their lovable ones.

A Canadian gaming parlor has many deals, new arrivals, and best sellers in board games that will help you to pass a good time even in the pandemic of COVID-19.

4. Boutique Strategie

Boutique Strategie provides you an online service of amazing strategic games and accessories without any hassle. Their mission is to give you a personalized feel with interactive chess sets & role-playing board gaming sets.

The supplier of board games, Montreal QC, has exclusive deals for small kids so you can check out their destination at once to become a happy customer.

5. Chez Geeks Hobby Gaming Store 

Chez Geeks is an awe-inspiring place for the shopping of #1 brands of tabletop games, trading card games, and board games. Brings you with extreme confidence while making a selection or your favorite mind games or party games. The small store is located at 1663 St Denis St, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 

6. Carta Magica

Carta Magica, Montreal, can make you their permanent buyer because they have plenty of collection of role-playing games, trading card games, plus board games, toys that not only improves coordination, concentration, attention but also give you trouble-free assistance to learn many things in one go.

7. La Jolie Boutique

The toy store of La Jolie Boutique is packed with the most iconic board games and reasonably priced puppets to fill the heart with joy and gladness. Their good mix of birthday and holiday board games is valuable to energize the brain and mood during depression & anxiety.

8. Butin Des Trois Rois

Buy board games Montreal from the house of Butin Des Trois Rois, who is regarded as the leading vendor of the hobby shop and gaming store Specialized in trading, buying, selling the collection of video games, Retro games, Pokemon, Dungeon & Dragon. Even they have multitudes of events and tournaments to improve the relationships and connections with others.

9. Renaud Bray

Renaud Bray is the largest store of BoardGamesMontrealQC that you can visit with your kith & kin. Similarly, they have an astounding gathering of gifts, music, movies, books, and more that attract you at once. Features a 40,000 square foot online warehouse with an automated distribution network that enables you to see the 20,000 products that are available in stock. 

10. Game Keeper

The toy store of Game Keeper specializes in cultural games. It means you will get a chance to know more about different cultures and regions through game playing. From magical products, Pokemon singles, role-playing games to 5-minute Dungeon games, every single product is wonderful to spend the beautiful day and night.

Final Words

Choosing the best store to buy board games in Montreal/Toronto is a bit challenging due to the availability of a large variety of brands at the same place. Still, you do not need to worry.

If you have low-budget, we recommend you make the first purchase from BoardGamesNMore because they have A to Z products for board games under one roof that will not only save your time but also fit all your needs without creating a single reason of disappointment.

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