How to Become a Professional Board Game Player

In every field, whether it is business, professional world, or gaming, the study of what it takes to become an expert in a given field has been a hot topic for many years. There is a popular theory that says 10,000+ hours of study within a given domain is crucial to become an expert. Apart from this theory, there is a widely accepted idea of “deliberate practice.” Deliberate practice means a special type of practice that is systematic and purposeful. 

Deliberate practice is required in Board Games Canada. In regular practice, there is a possibility of mindless repetitions, while deliberate practice calls for focused attention and is carried out with the particular goal of improving performance. It means that the mere repetition of a task is not sufficient to become an expert. Instead, a person must deliberately learn to recognize and correct his mistakes so that he can become an expert.

Now, talking about gaming, some long-established games recognize levels of expertise. Games like Bridge, Chess, and Go are some instances where players are ranked on the basis of their performance, and in these games, there are recognized, expert players. But, in many tabletop games, even in the most popular ones, there is no established system of recognizing expertise.

In board games, there are plenty of good players, and many great players as well, but expert players are few and far between. What exactly are expert players? Board Games Montreal QC says expert players are the ones where players not only win all the time, but they know the game inside out. They are well aware all of the strategies which can be applied and how they bring about the favorable result for the player.

They take the time to memorize random elements, such as tiles or decks of cards, and actively track and count the same during the course of the game. They know the cost/benefit ratio for every journey and can utilize it to their advantage in a specific game. Expert players take their play to a completely different level, and they are consistent winners because of it.

How can one obtain this level of expertise? The simple answer is by playing the game regularly. One common trait of board game experts is that they play a particular game several hundred times or more, and every time, they pay attention to learning about the game a little better than before. 

To Become An Expert In Board Games, One Should Pay Attention To The Following Things:

  1. The first and foremost thing is to learn about all the rules of the game until you know them by heart.
  2. After you are well-versed with all the rules of the game, start playing against your family and friends, then against your friends’ friends, and then against complete strangers. By playing with more people, you will learn about more strategies that you can utilize to win the game.
  3. After that, you play against the best of the best players.
  4. Be consistent when you can win against almost everyone consistently; you’ve made it.
  5. Just playing all the time is not enough to actually get you to expert level, you have to play with diverse and better players every time so that you can win against the best.

In board games, an expert doesn’t mean the best (though in many games, experts and the best is the same thing). You should be able to teach what you are doing. For example, a musician who can play anything but can’t teach anyone, explain what he’s doing, or create anything on his own is not an expert; he is a savant.

An expert should be able to explain anything he is doing. And it has to lead to success often. In board games, it means teaching winning moves, occurring relative to the randomness involved in the game. Someone who couldn’t implement strategies is not an expert in the game. 

If you want to be an expert in board games, buy board games and practice, practice, practice. There are other crucial factors, such as a good teacher, challenging opponents. Being consistent is the key to be a winner at anything.

Is Winning Consistently Adequate To Call Someone An Expert, Or Is There More To It?


There is no doubt that expertise should make you win more; however, winning doesn’t make you an expert. As a little indicator, the value of a win depends on the level of competition. 

To become an expert, you have to cross some levels. Following are the levels that every player has to pass through:

Beginner – You are a beginner when you have just learned the rules or played two or three times.

Experienced – A player is experienced when he knows the game well and has played four or more times.

Good – A player who understands the game, knows about the winning strategies, and responds well to the strategies of opponents.

Expert – You are a top player; you understand the elements of the game thoroughly, and only an expert can beat you.

Final Words

It requires patience and practice to be an expert in board games. You can buy board games Canada and practice with players of different caliber to be an expert.

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