The best board games to play with your friends at quarantine period

Trapped indoors? Brain getting empty? Can’t bear a single minute of yours to TV?

Welcome to Board Games N More! We have got you some interested and super modern board games that can make your quarantine period charmer. For now, let us keep meet ups and conventions for some other time when the world gets back to normal and plan to play with the ones you are locked up in right now. Buy Board Games and say BYE to the boredom.

7 Wonders:

It is the game where you are the leader of one of the seven big cities of the Ancient Worlds. You need to collect the resources, build the commercial routes and check upon the military supremacy. This game consists of 3 age. In every age, players get seven cards from a specific deck where you have to choose one of those cards. After this, you can pass the remainder to the opposite player. Players get to reveal their cards concurrently while paying the resources if required or gathering the resources or interacting with adjacent players in wonderful other ways. After this, every player will then choose another card from the deck they got passed, and the process will repeat until the players will have six cards from that age. After three ages, the game will end.

It is generally a card development game. Few of the cards would have instant effects, and others give the bonuses or upgrades later in the game.

This game is played by 2-7 players having 10+ ages. It costs $66.99.


It is a strategy card game that merges the set collection, tile-laying and hand management while playing for about straight 25 minutes. Players try their best to have the maximum points at the end of the game with creating extraordinary garden paths for their visitors.

The deck would have 80 cards in total with every colour featuring a distinct species of the tree. Every colour has cards with the number to 8 and the number of colours in use based on the number of players. Players start with the seven cards. With each turn of the player, a player standoff two cards and lays a card over the table as a part of the arboretum. At last, whosoever has most points will win by grabbing the most value for a single colour.

This game is played by 2-4 players having 8+ages. It costs $38.99.


It is initially white and blue ceramic tiles introduced by the Moors. They were earlier fully enfolded by the Portuguese when their king Manuel on a visit to Alhambra palace in Southern Spain. It was mesmerized by the beauty of the Moorish decorative tiles. The king got awestruck by the interior beauty of the Alhambra, instantly ordered that his own place in Portugal be designed with similar wall tiles.

In this game, players got turns while drafting the coloured tiles from the suppliers over their player board. After a round, players score points depending on how they have placed their tiles to design the palace. With being a tile-laying artist, you would be asked and given the task to adorn the walls of the Royal Palace of Evora.

The players also take turns drafting the coloured tiles from the suppliers over their player board. Players score the points depending on how they have placed their tiles to spruce up the palace. Additional points would be achieved for specific patterns and completing sets. So, at last, the player having the most points will win the game.

This game is played by 2-4 players having 8+ages. It costs $49.99.


This game is like a fairytale as the holdup was so perfect, fleeing by a plane. When everyone started to relax, the engine sputters, so the plane begins to fall. With enough parachutes, they moved around. You need to play your role among the ten characters in the Bahamas and steal, lie, threaten and do everything to get the most generous loot and land safely.

Every player would get a character sheet randomly starting with a distinct special power along with a single starting card, action card and two other cash cards. Within the starting cards, there are 2-5 parachutes, and you would want one of them to survive at the end of the game. Pick the number of dice equivalent to the player count minus one. You need to pick the starting player at random. The player will then roll the dice and uses one of them while making an action either stealing the cash card from the opponent or using the special power. Next, they will choose the next player who will take the turn. Once all the dice are used, the person who didn’t get to use the die will turn out to be the starting player for the next round.

This game is played by 4-8 players having 10+ages. It costs $24.99.

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