Wingspan – A Relaxing Card-Based Strategy Board Game

Wingspan is like a tableau-building card game, which is known to be a board game. It is a beautifully created, engine-building board game by Elizabeth and Stonemaier games. Its attractive packaging, great engine-building mechanic and bird-watching theme – are some great elements that even younger and newbie players appreciate. This game has lately won Kennerspiel des Hahres award in 2019; amazing isn’t?

Well, the core mechanism in Wingspan is to attract birds to habitats. There are different birds in this game, and every bird in it is worth different points. Wingspan is a board game for 1 to 5 players, and the player having the most points is the winner. In this exciting game adventure, one becomes the keeper of a natural reserve, and a shelter for different bird species. Every single habitat in this game focuses on growing your reserves and building a chain of combinations in your wetland, grassland and forest habitat. There are so many things more that one has to take care of. So, if you are someone who really wants to play a game that requires using your brain, 100% focus, and is really fun to play in this pandemic time, then this Wingspan game is definitely for you. You can buy board game Montreal online and will surely love it playing too. 

Playing and winning wingspan board game 

It’s a simple game and refreshing too. Birds are cards in it and to play this bird card, one has to attract birds to habitats and ensure all their food requirements are fulfilled. The size of the bird is going to decide if it needs a rodent, fish or worm to eat. It is a great game where you are going to have so many things to do, and not so many turns to do everything done.

The mechanism would be each bird has its particular cost in food tokens and requires at least one to three tokens, according to its type. Rolling a dice can help players make more food for their habitats. A player requires more eggs to get more birds, and for this, he will need more grassland. Your actions and cards can give you an instant, one-time bonus when played smartly. Thus picking and playing these cards strategically can give recurring benefits and will make it fun to play and win.

Winning strategies for Wingspan 

Although this game has some really simple to understand rules, it is not strategically easy. Now you might be wondering how to win this Wingspan game when playing with your friends and family. No worries, I am highlighting some great winning strategies that will give you an edge over other ones that I personally too use to win.

Use these strategies to make the most sense of Wingspan game and win it!

Strategy 1 – Don’t focus on more than two habitats at once

While playing wingspan, keep your focus on one or two habitats at a time. It can give you a clear understanding and help you focus on your objectives. To help you choose the right habitats to focus on, here is a guide and note about three different nest types.

  • Wetland

These nests are the most common one and closely followed by ground nests. In this, birds require worms and fish to play whereas rodents are barely needed.

  • Forest

This one is followed by bowl nests and birds costs wheat, berries and worms to play in it. 

  • Grassland

Ground nests are followed by bowl nests requiring worms and wheat to play.

Strategy 2 – Mix high-point birds with low-point birds

I hope you must have noticed in your starting playthroughs that these low-point birds have more power over the high-ones. It would be a smarter choice to initiate with these low-point cards and then add some high-point cards while playing. Often, it’s about the luck of the draw, so in that case, you can get some Draw card actions too. Or, rather it would be best to stick on high-point birds only. If you don’t have a strong engine then would not be ideal to a lot of high-point otherwise you might stick yourself in the mid.

Strategy 3 – Laying eggs in tuck cards

This strategy works great; especially in 4th round and help you rack up points instantly. In wingspan, each egg and tucked card usually costs 1 point. For example, if you get even four eggs in a tuck, then those extra four points can make you win the game right at the finish. You may also think about caching food for 1 point each and see if it goes well in your case. Go for these two strategies; it can work great for you and make you win!

Strategy 4 – Stay cautious of pink cards

These pink cards are great at getting new bonuses. Be careful of which pink cards you are planning and when you are playing it. Once you have put these pink cards at a place, it will help you make the most of the game. If you use it rightly, you will make the most out of it. Be careful with these pink cards and place this strategy rightly, and you will be able to reap benefits from it. Prefer using these pink cards once you have figured out other player’s strategy. 

Strategy 5 – Swap your cards quickly 

This is one other tactic that a player swears by and works great in Wingspan. Once you have prepared your mind and finalized the strategy, it’s time to know the type of birds you play, and you should think about swapping cards after a time being.

You should swap your cards if you wish to get some that you want. This way, you will have more chances of winning the game.

Final Words 

Bookmark this strategy guide to win Wingspan game from the next time. It will take some time in the starting to keep a hang of these strategies, but it can really be really fun. Buy board game Toronto and keep on playing this wonderful board game. 

Keep on winning!

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