9 Board Games that will keep you busy during the lockdown

Lockdown has proven to be a challenging time for everyone. It has turned the lives upside down. So many places are on lockdown today, infact, social places have become a no-go zone. It’s a time when almost we all are running out of things to pass our time, while terribly missing on being going outside for work and with friends. Board games have now become an often-forgotten pastime, but in this lockdown, it may save you from sheer boredom. So, why not buy board games?

Board Games

Today, there is nothing better than playing board games to remain entertained and stimulated. Almost everyone loves these games, be it old and young, and of course, it is one of the ideal ways to pass the time. Did you know the sales of these board games soared by 240% after the official announcement of the COVID-19 virus? Indeed it did!

Today there is a great choice of board games available out there to keep you and your loved ones busy and engaged. In this write-up, I will tell you about the top 9 board games you can buy board games Montreal to play with the ones you are locked up with.

  1. Crosswords :

This board game is one of the best and perfect brainteasers. While playing crosswords, you will have to travel through nature, music, history, logic, and at many more places in search of the right answers. Today, one may get many crosswords online, where he/she can check the answers instantly. You can learn so many things at the same time while playing this one. In fact, if you are someone who gets bored easily and has a short attention span to play a strategy game, this board will work perfectly for you.  

  • Monopoly :                    

This is the ultimate family game. One can continue playing it for hours and hours without being bored. The best part about this board game is – you can play it with as few as two people to a maximum eight at a time. Monopoly is a quite relaxing game to play, as long as other players are not too competitive. Almost every person I know personally has played this game at some or other point of their life, and you should too play this one during this lockdown. So, get these board games Montreal QC and make the most out of this time.

  • UNO :

It’s one famous board card game that has been played for ages and still manages to entertain everyone. This game has brightly colored printed cards in it and is very simple to play. If you wish to play a simple and straightforward game during this lockdown, UNO can be a great choice and fun nevertheless.

  • Scrabble :

This game is in rage from long. It can go for hours and hours. Scrabble keeps on improving every year and is coming up with more options added to it. You can play it on a physical board or on your laptop or PCs too. Playing this game during this lockdown is a great way to boost brain function. So if you haven’t played it yet, it is the right time to buy board games Toronto and play.

  • Big Potato Weird Things Party Game :

This fun game is for adults. In the big potato weird things party game, you will be able to look into the more mysterious side of the Internet and can know what people around you are searching for. Note that these searches are some genuine searches made by someone. While playing this game, you will be given the first half of the question, and your job would be to guess the second half of the search. I’ve personally played this one during this quarantine and must say it is really fun and interesting.

  • Braingle :

Looking for a variety of things in one common place? Why not bet on Braingle? Trust me; it can be the best bet for you! It offers a combination of puzzles, quizzes, games, logic games, and teasers. This game is perfect to rely on if you wish to brainstorm and jog your mind. One can spend all his days and time on this website when playing these logic games. The best part about it is – there is something for everyone, for all age groups.

  • Cluedo :

Initially developed in the 1940s, this one is perfect for playing during this monsoon and lockdown times. While playing this game, players compete with one another to discover who has killed the murder victim. In Cluedo, there is a spooky manor house, which has different features and characters along with so many murder weapons. This game is perfect for couples and can be played by two to six players.

  • The Game Of Life :

An obvious choice for some, ‘the game of life,’ is a game that is really fun. While playing this one, you can do anything and almost everything that is presently banned, including going to social places, schools, colleges, and whatnot. Must say, this game of life is all that you need in this lockdown to make all the fun choices and see where it gets you ahead. If you haven’t played this one yet, now is the time to buy board games and play.

  • Clash Of Clans :

Want to play a sort of combat strategy game? Clash of clans can be the best bet! It is a game where you make a village, train the troops, and go for a battle to compete. Be it fire-wielding wizards or mustachioed or anything more; everything has been covered in this fascinating multiplayer game. 

No matter what option you go for, it’s just that take the challenge seriously. I hope you find this list of top 9 board games that will keep you busy during the lockdown useful and try them out. So, get your board games Canada ordered now and make some fun and treasured memories out of this 2020 lockdown!!

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