Two-Player Board Games [Everyone Should Try!]

It’s been a pandemic for the last six months, and we all have been stuck at home. Lately, everyone has been trying out inventive ways to while away their days and hours. Once we all are done with our everyday chores and office work, many of us have our screen times. That’s completely fine, but today almost everyone is tired of this too. So, how great it would to give your brain a bit workout and try your hands-on board games to spice-up the time.

Today board games have become a mainstay of our pandemic shut-in lives. Many board games require a group of people or even four people to play, but today there is a lot that doesn’t. So, how about picking up some of the best and amazing 2-player board games to fritter away your time and satisfy your board game cravings? I have compiled a list of the best, entertaining, and fun-to-play board games across various genres, based on my personal experience.

Top 7 two-player board games in 2020

  1. Upper Deck Legendary: Marvel Deck Building – If you are someone who admires Marvel, then this upper deck legendary marvel deck-building board game might be the great option to try out. It’s a card game created by someone who greatly worked on magic (you thought it right – it is gathering). The idea of this game is to hire heroes and agents to stop villains and beat mastermind from doing wrongful activities. Just to mention, since I’m a big fan of Marvel – it’s one of my all-time favorite games that giggles me with delight whenever I play it.
  • Pandemic – Well, which two-player board game would be perfect than the pandemic itself in 2020? Hah! One of my friends has gifted me this pandemic board game a year back, and I thought to give it a try during this quarantine (crazy isn’t?). This game can be played by two people or people in groups as well – the choice is all yours. What I personally like about this pandemic game is that it heavily relies on strategy, which makes it really fun! In pandemic – not the time we are going through, its a board game in which players have to work with one another to treat the problems and find a cure for the problem that has spread among the people. I found it really interesting and enjoyed playing it a lot!
  • Wingspan – Designed by Elizabeth Hargrave, Wingspan is a competitive, card-driven board game featuring 170 birds. It’s a game where players are bird lovers who wish to attract maximum birds to their wildlife reserves. I’ve been playing this game for a long time and enjoyed playing it during this coronavirus pandemic time too. In simple words, I would describe Wingspan as a lovely chill time around the table.
  • Schotten Totten – This is probably, one of the best two-player games for poker fans, having three different versions of the same game to choose from. This wonderful board game is themed around Scottish clans fighting hard to get the territory control. When playing this one, there will be 9 different boundary stones in between you and the other player. You have to make poker-like formations of three different cards on a side to win to stone. Although I personally have had played this game one time only, I am excited to play it more often with my hubby!
  • Codenames: Duet – My husband and I are two big fans of it! Must say, it one of the best two-player cooperative games for those who want something like a brain-teaser. It’s like a party game for two but can be played by four people too. While playing this Codenames duet, two players compete against one another, each having a spymaster giving a one-word clue that can point to different words on the board. Along with the one-word clue, a person has to offer a number too that indicates how many of the words that you think the clue applies to. It’s amazing, if not played yet, then you must give a try to this one.
  • Exploding Kittens – Well, this exploding kittens is one of the best card-based game for adults till the date. Want some explosions, kittens, cards? This Russian roulette-style card game has everything in it. When playing this board game, a player has to pick up kitty cards until the other play draws the metaphorical short straw and gets an exploding kitten. To goal is to make the other participant life complex and following the right strategies to win it. This game has had got huge success Kickstarter history till the date and is known to be the topmost choice of many board game players.
  • Love letter – Last but of course, not the least, this fun and the simple board game is one of our favorite ones. It has an amazing concept that makes most people play it. This love letter game is all sending love letters to a princess to woo her. A person has to use different tactics to get your letters to the princess while halting the progress of your opponent. You can make the best out of your time by playing this amazing board game with your better half or friend.

Even though I haven’t gotten to play as many board games as I wished for in this quarantine, but these are some of those which my husband and I literally enjoyed playing! I hope this list of the top 7 two-player board games [everyone should try!] would work great for you, and you will make real some fun during this pandemic time.

So, what have you been waiting for? Order these amazing Board Games to add to your repertoire.

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