Entertainment: 13 Best Board Games to Play Online

You may view board games as old-fashioned, but believe me, they are still just as amusing as they’ve always been in the past years. 

Craving a super-fun board game night in? 

No worries, now you can even play these board games, including Monopoly, Clue, Catan online. 

Find out the top 13 fun-favorite board games in this post! 

Have you ever imagined that game night with your family and squad would even get this hard? Well, just a throw of this COVID-19 pandemic. Limited gatherings, social distancing norms, partial lockdowns have given new challenges everywhere. 

But, the best part is, the internet is there for our rescue. Zoom, Skype, Google Meet is not just to attend video chats for office meetings. Even one can also host a video chat game version on it. 

Today, many board games can be played online. Most of the amazing board games have digital versions present. Odds are, you might be seeking for some real-fun single-player game online or maybe seeking for a game that you can play with your squad or complier. Irrespective of your personal choice and needs, there are possibly several board games online to cater to your and alike needs. 

Here is the listing of the 15 best board games to play online to help you make the most out of your quarantine time and kill boredom. Nevertheless, not each of them is free-of-cost; ensure to have checked with costing as well. 

So, let’s get to know about them! I’ll be covering the best board games to play on mobile as well as some others to play on your lappy or tab and having a memorable virtual game night. 

1. Monopoly 

This is everyone’s favorite – that is still managing to entertain people across the globe for years and years. Get the Monopoly app, pick the top hat, make the dice rolling, discover who nabs the maximum property, and then there’s no look back. It’s going to give you immense fun. However, in order to amp up, battle over video calling. 

2. Catan  

This one has gone online lately. Catan is an ideal must-to-play board game for those who love playing strategy-based games. It has been there for more than two decades now, but still managing to entertain the people with the best. In case if you didn’t try it yet, you may consider installing a 3 version player of the app without paying even a single penny. 

3. Pandemic 

I personally feel this one is indeed amazing. It’s basically a strategy-based game that involves a pandemic and one saving the earth as well as earth from the same. Considering the present pandemic time and situation, I hope you all will certainly love to do that right now. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, this one has specially seen a big upsurge in the market. Give it a shot with your squad. Pretty sure you would regret not playing it before. 

4. Backgammon 

A definite favorite of a board game lover! Even though it has been constantly modernized and evolved, backgammon is one of the oldest games in the market that has proved its worth well over the passing time. To be honest, it’s my favorite pastime nowadays. If you haven’t given it a shot, it’s the right time to get your hands on it. Odds are, it may look intimidating, but it’s a lot less complicated than it may actually look. 

5. Risk 

In order to make real fun out of this one, all you need to do is gather six of your friends or family members together virtually and go on the adventure collectively. Once that’s done, you have to make alliances, find error territories, and cut-your friends turn by turn. Give it a shot, and I am pretty certain you will be on your toes during the whole time. 

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6. Scrabble GO 

Too often, it’s just really fun to play with words. Not too often, but almost it is! Make the most of your time with your loved ones and friends with this amazing, free-of-cost Scrabble GO board game application. Doesn’t matter with whom or even when you play this one online; this wonderful board game is going to do scorekeeping with you all the way. So what have you been waiting for? This super-amazing board game is awaiting! 

7. Mysterium 

The first word I get in my mind while writing this name – spooky horror! While playing this game, one player has to do the role of the ghost, whereas other players are on the role to solve the murder mystery. I believe this board game is similar to that of clue but has some different twists, gookiness and fun involved in it. Mysterium is an ideal board game to play in small groups; it didn’t put your hands on it yet, it’s time to give it a try. 

8. The Game Of Life 

There is nothing free in this life. At least, the game of life isn’t. Nevertheless, the mobile version of this amusing game is a fairly effective representation, coupled with fun-filled graphics and wonderful user experience, plus gameplay. This board game happens to be as great as Monopoly in terms of classiness. Hence, it’s worth giving a shot this season. 

9. Hive 

Hive board game is an easy-to-play, unique and fun game. While playing this one, two of the players have a queen bee by their side, where their motive is to surround the other player’s bee with insects before their own gets surrounded by the same. To win against the other opponents, one needs to have a quick tactic game strategy at the bay. You can get this amazing board game installed on your PC and mobile, free of cost. 

10. Ticket to Ride 

This one is probably my favorite board game available. Ticket to Ride is much like the tabletop version of a turn-based strategy game, available in innumerable expansions. From its design to the concept, everything has been made with intense care and thought. One may play this with different players on a similar device – all rely upon their personal choice. 

11. UNO 

This one is the world’s most favorable card game, now available online as well. To play this with your squad or through matchmaking this quarantine, you may need to install this application. The best thing about this is it lets you remake the card drawing virtually, simply without stacking any guideline. If didn’t play yet, amp it; I am sure you are going to enjoy playing it. 

12. Lords of Waterdeep 

Based on a big success and award-winning Dungeons and Dragons, this board game has been the talk of the town everywhere. This Lords of Waterdeep is basically a turn-based board game that can be enjoyed by max 5 people at a time. A person can either play it with his or her known ones or strangers’ as well, depending on his personal preference. It has got a lot more features to offer a user with a smooth and engaging experience; go get this today – you will thank me later!!! 

13. Scattergories 

My very own personal favorite of all the time. I think there’s nothing more huddling than having a timer by your side and scrambling different words at the time, inducing a lot of laughs as well as debates with one another. This lockdown, you can continue enjoying playing this one on screens with your squad and cousins. Play this one and have a kick-ass, super-funny evening. 

Here’s the wrap-up to my top 13 board game listing. 

Hope these board games suggestion help you make the most out of your time with your loved ones. 

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