Top 10 online Board Games which launched in COVID- 19

The COVID-19 has changed the way we humans relax and unwind. Staying at home, away from gatherings and other people, is the new normal. Hard to digest, but indeed true!!! It’s the only approach to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the outspread of this deadly virus. 

Irrespective of all its odds, this challenging time has given steep rise to the popularity of Board Games Canada. Thanks to this time – the releases of these board games have grown more than ever now. 

Since now we’re done with some of the best board games to the date, here’s the time to look at the top 10 board games online that have launched during the times of COVID-19 outspread and making talks around every corner. 

Quite exciting, these game publishers have lined up a slew of super-exciting and fun board games to play for us people to enjoy and make most of the time with our loved ones. 

In this write-up, I have listed Board Game Canada releases that are taking the reins, although I’m really excited and thrilled to play. Keep reading and have your eye out for it. 

Top 10 Board Game Releases During COVID-19 Times 

Without any further adieu to it, let’s have a look at the top 10 releases in 2020. Featuring some of my favorite ones among hundreds and thousands of others – I hope you will enjoy it. 

Return to dark tower  

Overseen earlier since the time of 1980s, this latest version of the game released back in the month of February 2021 is very promising. This latest version has got fully packed with a pleasing number of features added into it to make it really fun for its players. What’s more, I believe it has got a fantastic sense of comic factor – that makes it a must-to-play board game this season. 

The 7th Citadel  

After the massive success of the 7th continent and serious poulp’s 2015 version, this 7th citadel board game (the better version of any other to the date) is the talk of everyone these days. It has got the fantasy world bleaker than any other version present on the shelves. Nevertheless, still, it follows the same “pick the adventure of your own choice” setup, but its latest enhancements, features, and a new universe is what make it different. 

Oath – chronicles of empire & exile  

Been curated and designed by one of the best board game designer of the year 2019, this oath game has been getting the tremendous attention of people since the day it has arrived on the market. This interactive strategy-based board game includes controlling exile for power. However, considering how the players are playing and the game is going, three things usually change the card deck, enterprise, plus the map. To increase the odds of your winnings, you need to be somewhat little cautious over here. 

The Top 10 Board Games in Toronto


Designed and created by the most prominent hit player of the Wingspan game, Elizabeth’s new addition is too likely to be ruling the world of the game in the forthcoming. Won’t be wrong to say it is still doing the same – all thanks to its amazing features, design, games play that makes it way too more interesting. Released back in the third quarter of the year 2020, its demand is still high in the market. If you haven’t played it yet, get it ordered from board game store Toronto and give it a shot. 

The Crew – The Quest for Planet Nine  

This super amazing co-op trick-taking space card games has built immense popularity and craze among the people lately. It has got innumerable different missions to be completed, along with varied difficulty levels, ranging from super easy one to hard-core difficult. While playing this one, a player has to take a lot of things into mind, but whatsoever it is indeed going to make your evening a memorable one. So, what you have been waiting for, go and grab it today from an online store. 


Wish to get a game that helps you make the best mosaic and score the maximum points simultaneously? Azul board game is here for you! Well, if you are someone who’s badly craving for some amazing and fun-to-play board game this season – this board game can be your best bet! The best thing I find about it is – it doesn’t give a player innumerable things to take note off, unlike others available in the industry. Give it a shot, and thank me later. 


Probably one of the much-appreciated board games till the date! Well, its latest release is getting appreciation from everyone; this inspired look at birds is crafted cautiously, keeping it somewhat more complex this time along with more rewarding than ever. While playing this one, the player takes the role of bird spotters, discovering different breeds of birds and specifying their different characteristics. The concept and features are more amazing than ever before now – grab its newest version at the earliest and limit yourself from your regretting later on. 


Been designed by the super amazing designer of 2018’s fun-to-play Smartphone Inc board game, this furnace is here to free you from all the boredom this quarantine season. The best thing about playing this one is – it won’t take long hours to be played and still going to leave you with immense fun, laughter, and memories with your loved ones and friends to cherish forever. 

On Mars  

While Vital Lacerda has been my long favorite board game designer for s many years but his new addition at the times of this deadly coronavirus happens to come with some relief and happiness. Just like me, if you too are someone loving strategy-based games badly, on mars is what you need to get ordered. Till now, I’ve managed to play it thrice online with my friends, and trust me; it left us with great fun and laughter. 

A War of Whispers  

Last but of course, the least is this my personal favorite A class board game that has made a splash a few months back, and from then to now, I just enjoy playing it more than ever before. This amazing and super fun board game has got everything that a person may need to play competitive and was a plus strategy game. Buy board games Toronto today and make the best out of this weekend. 

Hope, you have enjoyed reading these top 10 additions of board games during this coronavirus times and give some of them a shot too. 

Stay safe and sound, plus play board games!!!! 

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