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With the outbreak of the Covid-19, many things have changed. Either it is a lifestyle of the people or working style most of the things have changed. But all thanks to the digital world, that makes most of the things easy. Students can learn by being at home; many educational institutes accepted the e-learning methods and work from home strategies for the companies. People start taking healthy diets in order to keep themselves safe from the covid-19. On the other hand, this changed lifestyle is not accepted by many people. As it is essential to be at home rather than to move out unnecessarily, so most of the kids felt bored to be at home. The situation can become highly frustrating in the coming days. Board Games comes as a blessing for many people. It is the perfect way to enjoy quality time with family and friends.  

Multiplayer Board Games to Keep You Entertained

Nowadays, kids get more attracted towards Board games. The Board games for kids must consist of three things fun, straightforward, as well as replayable so that everyone wants to play them again and again. There are many uses of board games; it’s not only killing your boredom, but it also helps in brainstorming, improves the skills, teaches kids how to play in a team, and much more. You can play board games whenever you feel, when you have a free time & feel bored or want to do something interesting and exciting. Thus, the best way to spend quality time together is to play a board game. That is why nowadays people are searching for the top 10 list of Board Games Canada. In this blog, you will get the list of Best Board Games for Kids.  

Top-most Board Games for Kids  

1. Spot It!   

Spot It! is one of the best board games for younger kids. This game can be played between 2 to 8 players. This is meant for kids of ages who are above 6+, and it is quite easy to play. Spot it!, a.k.a. Dobble, is among the simple pattern recognition game. In this game, the players try to find an image shown on two cards, and every card in original Spot it!   

2. Rhino Hero  

This board game is best for kids of any age. You can well-play Rhino hero with your family. It is played between the players of 2-5. This game is mainly meant for people of age 5+. Rhino Hero is a game in which you must build up a large, wobbly apartment building that our hero travels around. When your turn comes up, the roof tile that you choose and play defines the types of walls that you get to place around the structure.   

3. Ticket to Ride: First Journey  

Ticket to Ride: First Journey is one of the most relaxing board games for kids. It is played between the 2 to 4 players. It is created for the age group of 6+ years, and it is not at all tough to play. The most important thing why people choose it is that this game is arguably one of the most enjoyable board games for adults. As with the Ticket to Ride, you have to score points in First Journey by simply creating train routes around the USA or Europe. The person who completes their sixth route first is considered the winner.  

4. King of Tokyo  

This is among the best board game which is most suitable for the older kids. It is played between the 2 – 6 players. This game is meant for kids age 8+. If you want to add excitement to your life, then freely choose King of Tokyo over others. It is the perfect choice for big & little monsters alike; it puts the player in control of tongue-in-cheek super beasts rampaging across a city. This is actually a dice-based game whose aim is to build up victory points without being defeated by your rivals.  

5. Labyrinth  

Labyrinth game is quite easy to play. It is one of the best puzzle board games for kids. This game is played between 2-4. This game is fast-paced, and anyone can easy to understand it. Labyrinth is among the great bet for children who want to enjoy the deep board game experience.   

6. Funkoverse Strategy Game  

Funkoverse Strategy Game is one of the best strategy board games for kids. This game is played in between two to four players. This game is meant for 10+ age. The Funkoverse Strategy Game is actually far from a cash-in. The game is quite interesting. You must take some time to understands the game strategy deeply and then start playing.   

Top 7 Board Games that Children and Adults Can Enjoy Together

7. Sushi Go!  

Sushi Go is one of the best card games for kids. It is one of the most exciting games which is played between 2 – 5 players. In this super-fast sushi card game, you are eating at a restaurant & trying to get the top-most combination of sushi dishes. The score points for collecting the most sushi rolls or making the full set of sashimi. This game will ideally kill your boredom.  

8. Rocket Squad  

Rocket Squad is one of the best imaginative board games for kids. It is suitable for those kids who can imagine things well. There is 2-6 players who can play this game. Rocket Squad is a hand-management card game; in this game, all you need is to add pieces to the cardboard box and blast off. When your turn comes, you have to play some of the four cards in hand to either create your rocket, mess with your friends.  

9. Azul  

Azul is among the most famous game among Kids of 8+ years of age. This game can be played between the 2 – 4 players. In the Azul game, players take turns drafting some colored tiles from suppliers to its player board. Then, players score points based on how they have placed the tiles to decorate the palace. This is quite an exciting game.   

10. Forbidden Island   

The Forbidden Island is an amazing game that can perfectly add excitement to your life. This game is played between 2 – 4 players. This game is actually meant for kids of 10+ years of age. It is a visually stunning cooperative exclusive board game. Instead of winning over most of the players like most games where everyone must work together in order to win the game. This is the perfect choice which teaches you the importance of teamwork.  

Final Words:  

In this blog, we have put together a list of the top 10 board games for kids. And yes, the importance of family is declining day by day due to people’s more involvement in the electronic devices. Therefore, by adopting these board games will surely make your life exciting again and this also helps to bring togetherness in families and friends. Make your life full of fun by playing Board Games at your home with family.  

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