Chill Out with your Friends by Playing Board Games in the Parties

Are you throwing a party?  

Always add the party board game in your bucket to overcome boredom if you feel anything like that at a party of long duration. A board game plays an integral part and acts as a mode of communication at a party when our gossip box gets finished. However, it is challenging to find a game that suits everyone. Something easy and interactive works well at the party. An interactive board game and the drinks at a party are unmatchable to anything. We see people getting crazy about board games. Seriously, if you are looking to change the picture of your party, new board games are widely available in the market to cherish you.   

Partying with friends is always fun, and a board game at that party is the icing on the cake. It acts as an ice breaker for those meeting for the first time. Party board games are not specifically for parties, but you can play them while chilling with your BFFs. We are specially crafting a list of party board games for you:  


This card game, BANG! is a new board game that recreates the traditional spaghetti western shoot-out in which each player receives a random card of their character and a secret card having their goal. All the character cards are placed on the table by facing up. There are 22 different cards in a draw deck. 2 to 8 people can play this game, which goes up to 15-20 minutes.  

Four different roles are there in this game with different goals to win the game.   

  • Sheriff: Kill all the outlaws and renegade.  
  • Deputy: Always protect Sheriff and wants to kill merciless Outlaws.  
  • Outlaw: The one who always wants to kill Sheriff.  
  • Renegade: The last person standing.  

All the players’ roles are kept secret except for the Sheriff.   

Bears vs. Barbies  

Are you excited about its name, “Bears vs. Barbies”?  

Bears vs. Barbies sounds like a kids’ game but wait; there’s nothing like that. Any person older than 7 years can play Bears vs. Barbies. It is perfect for playing at a house party or a get-together. At a time, 2-5 people can play this game, taking approximately 15-20 minutes.   

It is a game of cards in which you need to create handsome and incredible monsters which accompany horrible and awful Barbies in wars.   

Blank Slate  

Are you getting any clue from its name?  


Don’t worry. As the name indicated, slate means we need to write something in this game.   

Yes, it’s right. It is a mind game in which players need to think in a similar way to win the game of words. It will also contribute to a better vocabulary as players need to write new words. Blank Slate was first published in the year 2018. It is, of course, one of the new board games. 3 to 8 players of age more than eight years old can play this game. This game will take somewhere around 20 to 35 minutes in total to finish.   

Captain Sonar  

War under the sea level. In Captain Sonar, you and your team members in a submarine are trying to locate your enemy’s submarine to blow out before they can do the same with you. A team consists of a captain, radio operator, engineer, and chief mate. Each of them plays a crucial role in the group. 2 to 8 players above 14 years old can play this game. 45 to 60 minutes are required to complete this game and become a winner.  

Deadwood 1876  

The name suggests that there is a kind of thrill involved in this.   

The game “Deadwood 1876” can be played by 2 to 9 players who are more than 13 years old. 20 to 40 minutes are enough to win the plot.   

In Deadwood 1876, you have to steal your share of gold which is in the Black Hills of South Dakota. There are three establishments in the Deadwood, and you are residing in one. You are your associates. You are working together to steal the gold. But you suspect that your co-workers are planning against you secretly. So, are you ready to turn the table before they shoot you on your back?  


So, come and let’s play.  


If you are over eight years, you can play Dixit. 3 to 6 players can play this new board game, and it would take around 30 minutes.   

A player has six image cards, and he/she has to make a sentence on any of them and tell it loudly to other players (without showing the cards to other players). Now, each player has to give a card to the storyteller which best suits the sentence according to their understanding without showing it to others.  

Now the storyteller has to shuffle the card and show the face-up of the images. Now, each player has to tell which card belongs to the storyteller. If nobody or everybody tells the correct answer, the storyteller gets 0, and all other players score 2. Else, the storyteller and whoever got the right answer score 3.  

If you do not love crowds and are not a party animal, don’t worry, a wide range of games for introverted people like you are also available on the market. Top solo board games for people who enjoy their own company. 18 Holes, 303 Squadron, 50 Clues: Dead or Alive, A Feast for Odin, A Gentle Rain, and many more are some of the top solo board games for you. So, let’s play a game with peace by staying out of any hustle-bustle.  

We hope that you and your friends, family, and co-workers enjoy these new board games as much as we do! All these new board games make your party and holiday excellent. It is also a fantastic birthday gift, and you can give these board games to your loved ones on their birthday. It will surely add more fun and excitement to your parties.   

What’s your favorite game?  

Love to hear from you!  

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