Best 10 Solo/Single Player Board Games during Covid19 isolation

Playing a board game solo? What is this about? How do you go about it? Are there board games made for just 1 player? How is the game play?

Don’t panic!! Yes, it does exist! Hard to believe that there are board games that made just for one player (meaning you and yourself, with a company of your furry friend!). Read below to be enlightened.

Who would have thought these single player board games can be a solution during the difficult times to keep one entertained. Even though board games are traditionally associated with social interaction, the very situation we are currently in with the world- wide virus lockdown, contemplates the purpose. However, these single player board games can provide an immersive gaming experience during this lockdown.

We are all living through this outbreak, which may take just few more weeks or months before we get back to normal living environment. During this difficulty period, we are strongly discouraged to socialize in person. So most of us (except for the essential service workers, whom we value a lot) are practically trapped in our houses. Some of us are living alone and some are forced to be alone at the present time due to isolation period.

Instead of freaking out being alone and being forced to isolated, take this opportunity to accomplish something so that your mind stays healthy. Here is a famous proverb:  Strike while the iron is hot!!

 What to do to have a resilient and healthy mind? You can play video games, watch TV, watch movies, do puzzles ,play games on your smart phone/computer, learn a new skill (learn to play a musical instrument , learn knitting, learn a new language, learn a computer program), speak to your friends and family over the phone or via virtual social media and play board games.

Playing board game is very much a stay at home thing. The fact that everything around us is shut down for now, leaves us with no choice, but to find things to do at our homes. Hence learning to play solo board games is going to keep you distracted, occupied,  and help you pass your time at your house day after day with a sense of accomplishment and well-being .

Playing games solo is not an innovative discovery, it existed since the dawn of mankind.  There are many card games (Solitary, Patience ),video games  (Mortal Kombat, Mario) , crosswords, sudoku, puzzles and now all different game apps of smart phones and tablets, which are all examples of activities that can be done alone.

When we hear board games, we always think, playing with family and friends; rarely just one player.

Now that you are going to have many hours at home with very little things to do or running out of ideas , it is worth your time to check and try these solo board games. They can provide you hours and hours of entertainment thus distract you from all the stress and the worrying that is going on.

Here is list of board games to play solo (1 player). Different solo board games give different gaming experience. Some give you the same scenario so that you can practice your skills and get better at them while others offer a variety to give you different gameplay. Most of the solo player board games can be played with multi-player as well. Co-operative games can be used playing solo. As with all board games, solo board games are have age range suggested, some are appropriate and available for the young ones

During this period of isolation, single player board games can help overcome the alone and dull time. These solo player games provide all the challenge and excitement of a multiplayer board game, of course minus the other players, given the crisis we are in, it is perfect. You get to play what you want when you want it, how long you to play,at your own pace, without conflicts. Most solo player board games are designed to play solo and mutliplayer as well, therefore, it can be used when the lockdown is over with your friends and family, therefore double bonus!!

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