Top 3 Kickstarter Board Games to Ramp Up Your Gaming Experience

Games exist to entertain us- right?  

Right to some extent. Although games are created to have fun with friends and, in some cases, family, there is a hidden benefit to them as well. Playing board game every once in a while is a great brain exercise and keep you sharp.   

Today through this blog, I’ll be giving you some awesome examples of Kickstarter board games– you can play with your group of friends.  

The Great Wall (Kickstarter Dragon Pledge)  

The game’s name is devoted to China’s great wall (it’s obvious). The great wall is a new board game with engine-building themes. Not only this, there is a twist as there is constant attack by a Mongolian Horde (AI) for which all game players need to cooperate.   

Players throughout the game would control ancient clans in China who were trying hard to invade Mongolian Hordes. The only way to win the game is by earning VP- honor, which can come in handy to defeat the hordes.    

The game is divided into three prime phases – Production, Wall Defense, and Wall Building.    

Production phase: During this phase- players place orders via cards simultaneously. After which, players decide their execution time based on the Tea track. Players must keep a clean track of buildings as they can only get results once the slots are filled. Not only does this sounds interesting, but it also requires a scaled intellectual level that can carry on throughout the games.    

Wall Defense Phase: In this phase, players order produced armies – from soldiers and archers to cavalry. Mongolian hordes can use their power against wall defense if any wall gets breached.    

Last but not least comes the third phase.    

Under the third phase- players have the opportunity and freedom to spend the end number of resources on building a higher wall level in exchange for victory points.    

Price: $294.99  

Tainted Grail Kings Pledge Without Monsters of Avalon (Kickstarter)  

The tainted grail kinds of pledge (ohh…sounds thrilling).   

It must be, but there are dragons.   

The fall of Avalon is an unforgettable game- there is an adventure for everyone. The game allows players to create a strong impact on the game world with their abilities and thinking. 1 to 4 players can participate in the game with the vision of winning.   

Two mythologies are combined here- Arthurian and Celtic. Each mythology holds a unique and brilliant vision that inspires users. What’s interesting is to see whether the players would be ready to make sudden, dramatic moves they are too scared to make in the real world.   

The storyline is deep and branching and gives you artistic freedom to tackle the problems in different ways- this way, you can ensure that no two same games are played in the same way. You might need to make tough decisions on your game journey, but that is only a platform to test your mental capacity.   

This game tests your patience, intellect, and decision power. Each player would be tested on their ability to survive the challenges. There would be certain things you’ll need to take care of, starting from starvation to violent weather and random incidents. The game is packed with suspense and twists.   

If you adore puzzles and playing new board games that challenge your ability to make a decision, this is the game for you. To overcome the challenges mentioned- your character in the game needs to pick up some emotional qualities- such as empathy, practice spirituality, or brutality.   

In Kickstarter board games or any other game, character plays a crucial role. The character you develop and pick on will be tested throughout dozens of combat and non-combat encounters. Players gather the puzzle pieces one by one, discovering secrets along the way. All locations in the game have their own rich cultural stories and secrets that are yet to be discovered by the players.   

 Price: $362.99  

Atlantis Rising (second edition) (Kickstarter)  

The crux of the game is to support the house of Atlantis- and players need to save people in time.   

The game’s name is thrilling, and sure the game is too! It is a Kickstarter board game with an aim to work together and deploy citizens across the homeland. Every team player draws a misfortune card throughout the game that can cause specific flood locations along the Atlantis shoreline.   

This game edition is all about the fantastic graphic design created to bring attention to the thematic setting of the game. The Athenians’ attack phase requires strategic planning, which adds to the urgency. As the game developed, players needed to complete each round with cooperation. Every team player races each other and tries every effort to build a power gate before the island disappears. Once built, the safe place is more impactful.   

If you adore adventure and traveling, this game is ideal. You can play this game with your friends, more players, more fun! The storyline is exciting and dynamic and gets along with everyone. You can play this game with your friends or colleagues. We have described every stage with clarity and have also given the dynamics. To explore more about the game, you can visit our website.   

Price: $99.99 

Do you wish to play the Kickstarter board game?  

Kickstarter board games are trending. If you are looking for new ways to add thrill to your life, the game we have listed above is an apt choice. New board games are a great way to spend quality time with your friends, playing game and learning something new every time you get together. You can explore our board games web pages if you want more game options. We have categorized board games so that it can be easier for you to find your choice of board game.  

Some of the other Kickstarter games you can try playing are- Papillon, East Aurora, Terraforming Mars: Big Box, Tainted Grail Kings Pledge, and many more. You can easily buy board games from us; we have many different options for pro and beginner players. 

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