Pair Up and Play: Top 2 Player Board Games in Burlington!

There is no denying that board games offer various cognitive, and development benefits you won’t want to miss out on! Not to mention, board games played between two players are a great way to enhance collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. Moreover, board games are an amusing and interactive way for families, friends, and co-workers to spend time together. With an increase in the intricacy and length of each game, your bonds with near ones develop, too! Prepare yourself to get overwhelmed with too many rules and intricate game plays. In this post, we will shed light on the top 2 player board games you must try!

Schotten Totten 2

In the board game Schotten Totten 2, one player attacks the defender’s walls, and players assemble their forces by placing cards into formations at seven locations on the battleground. Each location will have two to four cards as depicted on each spot, and in rare cases, the most robust figure in a location will claim that spot. The strength of a location is determined by the poker-style hands that each player will create by positioning the cards individually. The defender will have three boiling oil tokens that are readily accessible to them in order to clear out the attacker’s cards. The deck comprises cards numbered from zero to eleven in five colors and ten tactical cards.

This game is ideal for two individuals above eight years old. With medium-level difficulty, this competitive game takes twenty minutes to complete.

Slip Strike

Slip Strike is a competitive two-player game where individuals battle against one another using telepathy, travel through time, and a range of weaponry after slipping into a different realm.

Every round, the two players choose two cards at random from their ten hands, turning them face down. They resolve each of these acts sequentially by simultaneously revealing each one at a time. While attempting to avoid being struck, each player tries to strike their opponent. A player who receives a strike loses the game, although they can “Slip” out of the area and go back in time to a previous moment by permanently discarding a teleport card. When neither you nor your opponent can slip any longer, the winner will successfully remove that player from the dimension and win the game.

Slip Strike is one of the most popular board games in Burlington and a game for two people by default, but you may play with up to four players in the exact same game by merging the blue and orange versions, both of which have unique artwork and resource decks.

Star Realms: Colony Wars

The Star Realms deckbuilding game Colony Wars comes in two versions: a separate box pack for two individuals that includes the same 80-card trade card as the initial release, and a booster pack that lets you enjoy the entire game with four players.

Similar to Star Realms, in Star Realms: Colony Wars, players begin with a fleet (deck) of ten basic ships. From a central trade row of five cards, they can spend Trade to buy greater strength ships and bases. Spontaneous pulls from the trading deck are used to continually supply this row. Battle loss is dealt by a lot of ships and foundations, which you can utilize to attack your adversary and/or dismantle their defensive positions. You triumph once you take away all of your opponent’s Power.


The gameplay is based on 1995. Your reliable computer has decided to slow down to a crawl tonight, and you have an assignment that is due right away in the early hours of the morning. No luck after you restarts, cancel the task, and gently touch the display. Realizing you are left with only one alternative; you are overcome with fear. Yes, it is correct.

In the hand management grid puzzle game Defrag, your goal is to reorganize and combine different file fragments before running out of resources. Defrag features multiple game modes for both single and online play, each consisting of a progression of challenging tasks with distinct objectives.

The Fox in the Forest

Two players may engage in the trick-taking game The Fox in the Forest. In addition to the standard matched and ordered cards utilized for winning ruses, fantastic figures like the Fox and the Witch have unique powers that allow you to lead even after losing a trick, switch the trump suit, and more. Winning a greater number of tricks than your competitor earns you scores but try not to get excessive! Gaining too many advantages can make you end up like the antagonist in a lot of stories about fairies.

Teen Titans GO! Deck-Building Game

Players can assume the roles of their favorite Teen Titans Go! animated series heroes on Cartoon Network with the Teen Titans GO! Deck-Building Game. Raven, Cyborg, Starfire, Beast Boy, Robin, and Raven are vying with each other to beat the most supervillains in a friendly competition. The enormous hero cards that players can select from provide them with options for plans to follow or let them go their own way. Upon the elimination of all six supervillains, the player possessing the greatest number of winning scores emerges victorious.

Storm Above the Reich

A Luftwaffe squadron of Fw190s is shown in the standalone simulation “Storm Above the Reich” striving to repel and eliminate the constant daytime raids over Germany during World War Two. The player’s personal airliners, portrayed by stickered blocks, must engage in conflict with the formidable US Army Air Force “combat box” formation, which consists of B-24 Liberator heavy bombers. Similar to its sibling game, Skies Above the Reich, the game portrays desperate air combat in broad strokes. Storm Above the Reich, which runs from late 1942 to early 1945, traces that path through a sequence of missions that are combined to form a campaign. A campaign may consist of anywhere from six to sixty tasks, with each mission taking at least thirty minutes to complete.

Catapult Feud: Hydra! Expansion

A fireball-launching Hydra has been added to the game with the Catapult Feud: Hydra! Expansion. To play this expansion, you must have Catapult Feud.

Place the Hydra in the center of the battlefield, with players spaced equally apart, during preparation. The Hydra should be positioned to the side of the Volcano Expansion if you are also employing it. The Hydra Cards should be shuffled before being piled face down adjacent to the Hydra.

Taming the Hydra: You have the option to attempt to tame the hydra during your turn as a free action! Shuffle the Hydra cards, expose the highest card, and deal it in accordance with its rules to achieve this.

WARNING: It’s dangerous to try to tame the hydra. It’s possible that you’ll get an opportunity to hit your opponent with more damage, but there’s also a potential the Hydra could strike back and drive your soldiers away! If your last army is scared off by the Hydra, you could lose the game! Each time you make an attempt to subdue the Hydra, one of its heads will react. There are differences in the results contingent upon the head.

Right Head: The Hydra lashes out in a fit of rage! Your men get scared off by it, and some of them turn against you! Take one of your soldiers out of the battle. You would lose the game if this had been the final unit!

Left Head: You just about got the Hydra to follow your commands. It can be used to throw one Ball of Fire at your adversary.

Head of Center: You tamed this beast with amazing skill! It can be used to launch two balls of fire at your adversary!


It goes without saying that playing board games with your companion can be a fun and exciting approach. In the post above, we have compiled the list of top two player board games in Burlington in order to make it easy for you to understand the gameplay and challenges (if any) of the different games. Check out the list vigilantly and uncover the games you find interesting. Doing so will give you a better idea of what the gameplay is like, helping you decide the best fit for you and your gaming partner!

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