Solo Quest: Best Solo Board Games in Canada!

Board games are not just a collection but a source of fulfillment and merriment. Over the past few centuries, board games have emerged as a great way of spending time with your loved ones and friends. Not only does it bridge the gap between two or more people, but it also ensures an incredible pastime. Nevertheless, there are certain games that can be played solo when you are just by yourself. We have compiled a list of the best solo board games to help you escape the daily monotonous routine and enter the realm of thrilling board games. Get yourself ready and set on the quest for solitary exploration.

Shipyard (2Nd Edition)

In the board game Shipyard (2Nd Edition), each player takes their turn going around the table clockwise, starting with an individual chosen at whim. They will select an action from the Action Track when it is their turn. The player will receive something from the action to aid in the construction of their ships. The player will move that Action Card ahead of all the rest and select another course of action on their subsequent turn.

A ship is taken out for a shakedown travel in a waterway if a player finishes one during their turn in the game. During this time, they can score points for things like personnel, security, machinery, acceleration, and (ideally) multiple center fragments, which are represented by little cards.

The Action Card line will move around the Action Track when each player takes a turn. The time remaining marker advances one place and play continues when the lead Action Card reaches the Start place once more. When the timer indicator hits the last space, the game is over. (If the players are short of Ship Cards, the game may also terminate early.) Government Contracts are worth bonus points, and the individual with the greatest number of credits wins. The average player spends thirty minutes in this one of the top board games in Canada.

Path Of Civilization

You have to make decisions in Path of Civilization from the very beginning that will affect the outcome all the way to the finish. The game has a straightforward card and resource management system and is played concurrently. Its wide range of cards ensures a great deal of versatility.

Mycelia (2023)

In Mycelia, every player begins with an identical deck of cards, which they gradually upgrade as they compete to remove the most dewdrops from their playing space. In this deck-building game, you must enlist the help of enigmatic woodland inhabitants in order to upgrade your deck, learn new and improved abilities, and deliver the hallowed raindrops from the woods to the Altar of Life in order to win the trust of the forest goddess. For added variety, the player boards in the game are double-sided.

Finding Atlantis

A sort of deduction and exploratory game for 1-4 people, Finding Atlantis features special riddles created by the app. Playing two cards from your hand, you can use these cards to move your naval vessels on the map, examine the ocean floor with a periscope, sonar, or radiograph, search for artifacts or grab them from competitors, slow down competitors with mining operations, or surface to reshuffle your deck. Each turn, you are dealt two cards from your hand. A concealed map is used to keep track of your discoveries as you attempt to become the first person to find every space in Atlantis.


With a set of randomly selected goals at the start of the game, each player charts their course to victory in this one of the best solo board games. Players can only use the coins they can carry when leaving their estate. With the help of these coins, they can travel the world and acquire crew members and supplies to strengthen their powers, raise their chances of surviving the unknown, and move across the map more quickly. Spending excessively can be risky. Therefore, players need to make sure they have enough money to return their specimens to England undamaged.

Not to mention, Botany streamlines turn to reduce downtime and maintain player engagement. Using efficiency as their primary focus, players will explore the area, develop their persona, and follow the tale of their ascent to celebrity. Adding preserved flowers to your botanical press, getting live specimens from all over the world, and enhancing the quality of your garden will earn your points. Every game has a different vibe thanks to the specimens that players hunt, the objectives they pursue to win, and the experiences they have.

Tiny Epic Crimes

For one to four players, Tiny Epic Crimes is a deduction game that moves quickly and has several play options. You can play the game alone, with others, or competitively. As detectives, players will work either collaboratively or alone to solve the murder case, depending on the game mode. The initial 48 hours following any criminal act are crucial, as time is of the essence. Gamers run through Echo Ridge City gathering evidence, including the getaway car, forensics, and the murder weapon.

The innovative Tiny Epic Decoder System, which conceals all of the murderer’s other evidence, is used to sort through this secret evidence. With this information, suspects are eliminated, and the real murderer can be located. But one probe does not put an end to crime. In response to other illegal actions occurring throughout the city, players must balance their time and respond to calls of duty. Players can obtain strong Force Cards and helpful alibis by resolving these events, but they do so with full knowledge that their activities will bring them hours closer to a reckoning. In the last hour, players will risk everything on one last guess as to who they believe to be the murderer. They hope their cunning and detective abilities will be sufficient to identify and apprehend the right suspect.

Challengers! Beach Cup

Despite the number of partakers, the interactive deck-management game, “Challengers! Beach Cup,” takes roughly 45 minutes to play for 1–8 people. A new opponent is faced every round in the tournament form of gameplay. You select additional players and add them to your deck during the Deck Phase. Possible additions to your deck include a mobster, kraken, wizard, alien, and cat. Every game is different because of the more than forty effects and the dozen characters. Select from seven distinct sets; each game will reveal fresh tactics and combinations.

Hold onto the flag during the Match Phase to win the round’s trophy. To advance to the final, try to collect as many trophies and fans as possible during the seven rounds. You win if you can defeat your rival in the championship match! Defiants! The 16-card “Trainers” expansion that comes with Beach Cup offers special powers to every player. Some allow you to reorganize your deck or lengthen your bench, while others grant you bonuses when attacking or defending. It can be played alone or in combination with Challengers! to develop entirely novel combos and gameplay opportunities.

Final Thoughts

In the blog mentioned above, we have compiled a list of leading board games that are famous in Canada and renowned for their solitary experience. Go through the aforementioned list and find an ideal one for yourself! Not to mention, check out the gameplay of each game vigilantly to uncover the game that you consider interesting and fun for a solo experience!

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