Expert Picks: Best Board Games Available Online in Toronto

Looking for some thrilling new additions to your board game collection? Look no further! We’ve curated a list of the most exciting and engaging online board games available in Toronto, guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment for you and your friends or family. From spine-chilling adventures to strategic challenges, there’s something for every type of gamer.

Let’s dive in and explore these top picks:

Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow’s Walk

You go further into the horrors of the haunted house in Betrayal at the Hill: Widow’s Walk. With twenty spine-tingling chambers to explore, the roof is a horrifying new level in this eerie expansion to the well-liked basic game. Get ready to confront terrible monsters, track down elusive objects, and experience the unsettling terror of fifty all-new haunts.

Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow’s Walk presents an exciting chance for cooperation. One of you may turn traitor while you and your pals explore the haunted mansion; in that case, the game’s emphasis would shift from fearless exploration to a frantic attempt to survive. Each playing has a distinct tale, with twisted events and interactions defined by the new haunts.

This expansion is perfect for those who crave more of the macabre exploration and unpredictable narratives of Betrayal at House on the Hill. If you enjoy horror-themed games and a dash of betrayal, gather 3-6 players and dare to confront the terrors that lurk within the Widow’s Walk.


Startups, a fast-paced, competitive card game for 3-7 players, will put your business instincts to the test. Take a deep dive into the intriguing world of startups, where new companies have the ability to alter an entire sector. Your goal as an investor is to make the most money possible by carefully purchasing stocks in six respectable companies.

Startups combine deliberate risk-taking with good fortune. You’ll need to foresee your opponents’ actions and strategically use your resources because there are concealed cards and little information available. Things may change quickly in the tumultuous environment of startups, so paying close attention to details and acting quickly is critical.

Each game lasts around 20 minutes, making it ideal for an intense game night competition. Startups appeals to both experienced board gamers and those seeking an exciting start to games with an investment theme since it provides a distinctive and captivating experience that is simple to learn.

Starship Interstellar

Starship Interstellar is a strategic and engaging board game for 1-4 players that sends you on a desperate journey to preserve mankind. Set in a gloomy future in which our Sun is fading, Earth’s destiny is in the balance. Nations must work together, but eventually compete, to build an interplanetary spaceship capable of transporting humans to a faraway star system.

In this race against time, you’ll guide a powerful nation, carefully managing resources, and maneuvering across the solar system to harvest critical materials. Starship Interstellar offers a unique blend of resource management, strategic movement, and engine-building elements. With limited resources and the ever-present threat of solar expansion, players must balance delicate cooperation with their own ambition to become the leading contributor to humanity’s salvation.

The game offers a themed and tough experience for those that appreciate complicated decision-making and a desperate battle against the time. If you appreciate science fiction and games with cooperative elements, Starship Interstellar offers an exciting adventure to the stars. The destiny of humanity is on your shoulders!

Flash 10

Prepare for a lightning-fast card gaming experience with Flash 10! This game, designed by the great Wolfgang Kramer, is a fascinating variation on the classic Rack-O system. The purpose is simple: arrange a succession of numbered cards in ascending order; however, everyone must play at the same time.

Flash 10 adds a surge of frenzied excitement to game night. Players scramble to create piles of cards, snatching from the middle pile while urgently attempting to preserve order. Thunderstorm cards provide a strategic element, allowing you to hinder your opponents’ development.

The first player to correctly form a complete sequence from left to right yells “Stop!” and scores points. Flash 10 keeps things exciting with bonus points for lightning bolt cards and penalties for those pesky thunderstorms. Games are quick, lasting only around 20 minutes, making it the perfect choice for multiple rounds of chaotic fun.

Flash 10 is a fantastic option for families and groups of friends who enjoy a touch of competition infused with plenty of laughter. If you love games that are easy to learn, fast-paced, and reward a keen eye and quick thinking, gather 2-5 players and dive into the electrifying world of Flash 10!


Immerse yourself in the vibrant beauty of fall with Autumn, a charming and strategic minigame. In this delightful competition, players take turns placing cards adorned with colorful leaf patterns. Your goal is to create the largest connected area of leaves by strategically overlapping cards and building upon existing foliage.

Autumn offers a beautiful blend of simple rules and satisfying gameplay. Each card features four groups of leaves, and you must carefully consider placement, covering one or two groups on previously played cards. With each decision, the vibrant tapestry of autumn unfolds before your eyes.

Autumn’s small size and short runtime make it ideal for casual gaming nights or as a fun filler between larger games. Don’t be deceived by the game’s basic idea; competing for dominion over the lush terrain requires a surprising amount of skill. If you like light, pattern-building games with a hint of nature-inspired appeal, Autumn is a must-have!

Redwood: Elk Edition

Step into the role of a nature photographer and explore the beauty of the wilderness in Redwood: Elk Edition – Solo. This immersive solitaire experience challenges you to capture stunning photographs of wild animals while composing the perfect panoramic landscape.

In Redwood, you’ll carefully plan your movements and viewing angles using unique plastic components to simulate your camera’s field of vision. Your goal is to photograph majestic elk, playful foxes, and other creatures without disturbing their natural habitat. As you explore, you’ll collect decorative elements to enhance your panorama and unlock new ways to score points.

Redwood: Elk Edition – Solo offers a thoughtful and engaging experience, testing your spatial reasoning and strategic planning skills. With each turn, new objectives emerge, keeping the gameplay fresh and challenging. If you enjoy nature-themed games with a puzzle-like twist, Redwood: Elk Edition – Solo promises a captivating journey through the untamed wilderness.

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