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Brand: None Model: BGNM5537
Bonus map for Captain Sonar with an increased difficulty..
Brand: None Model: BGNM5536
5 additional player boards released during the 2018 Kickstarter as part of the Architects of the West Kingdom 2018 Promo.Lothaire - Pay 1 less Wood or Stone when advancing work on the Cathedral or constructing a Building.Clovis - Gain 1 Building card anytime you construct a Building.Bertha..
Brand: Oink Games Model: BGNM5518
Description from the publisher:There are six companies that will change the world as we know it! You can be part of their success and be an investor. Try to become rich by making the right decisions!Only the biggest investor can get money out of each company. You must try to read the next steps of y..
Brand: Pendragon Game Studio Model: BGNM5517
2357: in stark contrast to mankind’s hopes, violent astronomical events and the unregulated use of the new “solar extraction” technology have greatly accelerated the growth rate of our star during the recent decades. Now the Sun is nearing the end of its life cycle, and its fate -a..
Brand: Devir Model: BGNM5519
Wolfgang Kramer's Flash 10 is a quick-playing take on the Rack-O game system, with players trying to arrange cards in numerical order – but doing so all at the same time.The card deck includes 120 cards, twenty showing a thunderstorm and the other hundred numbered 0-99, with each card ending i..
Brand: Devir Model: BGNM5520
Autumn, a game of paths and falling leaves, is a 18 cards minigame.In Autumn each player takes turns placing a card on other previously played cards. Each card shows four groups of leaves and, in order to play it, you should place it overlapping other cards in play, covering one or two groups. The g..
Brand: Pendragon Game Studio Model: BGNM5502
Players will be able to travel towards Halley’s Comet, with its own board with several regions to land on, waiting to be mined. The Comet will increase its resources when orbiting near planets, and the more the game advances, the more Halley’s core will heat releasing more and more preci..
Brand: Pendragon Game Studio Model: BGNM5501
During the game the players will be able to capture asteroids thanks to their launch bases, located on the asteroid belt. The asteroid thus acquired will create a personalised effect track, which will give each player unique bonuses. However, the asteroids could also crash into planets in the solar ..
Brand: Pendragon Game Studio Model: BGNM5500
Moscovium, or element 115, has a fascinating and controversial history. In this expansion, scientists have discovered how to use Moscovium to generate anti-matter. But as often happens with great scientific discoveries, if huge advances are promised on one hand, on the other hand their abuse can cau..
Brand: None Model: BGNM5510
f you’re looking for a good place to kickstart your collection for Star Wars Unlimited, look no further than the Two-Player Starter! This box comes with two pre-built, 50-card decks that you can unpack and play right away, along with a plethora of damage counters, quickstart rules, 2 paper pla..
Star Wars: Unlimited: Spark Of Rebellion Booster Packs
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Brand: None Model: BGNM5511
Of course, the main attraction for this game are the Booster Packs! In each of these packs, you will find exactly 16 cards, which consist of a mix of Common cards, Uncommon cards, at least one Rare or Legendary card, a leader, a base, and a foil card. There’s also a small chance of finding a s..
Brand: Sit Down! Model: BGNM5503
Redwood is a game of movement estimations and angle of view where players have to take pictures of wild animals to compose the most beautiful panorama. The game is for 1 to 4 players, ages 10+ and the games last about 45-60 min.During their turn, each player will have to choose between different mov..
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