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BoardGamesNMore is a family based business. We opened our online store on September, 2019. We have a passion for playing board games and we want to share this with our community. We started the business as a family, two adults and three children. We provide local events for free in our community area to get families involved together and teach new games to everyone. We carry modern board games which are different from the traditional board games. These modern games are designed to fit all different types of board gamers, newbies to masters of boardgames. They can be played cooperatively and/or competitively, can be played solo to multiplayer and some in a story-telling manner-legacy games.

I always played lots of board games growing up in my family, still have a passion for the old classic games such as Scrabble (one of all time fav), Scatogories, Pictionary(even though I can not draw to save my life), Monopoly and cards. When I met my partner, Vinay, he was only into video games. Most of his free time was by himself and his PC. I had to force him to play table-top game, which I failed, as he ended up buying Monopoly and Scrabble on-line version!!

One day, sometime in 2016,  a friend of his, brought Catan, for a get together at our place and that was it!! Vinay could not stop buying all different types of these modern board games starting with Catan. The three children at time of ages 14-10-8 got hooked on them fast. Christmas 2018, all family members bought each other board games, my first modern board game was The 7 Wonders Duel, Trap Words, Splendor. Every week-end, there was a new game for sure to try and play. Then, I started to learn about cooperative games and legacy games as well.

So when we announced to the world, we are opening an online retail store that sells board games, my friends were not surprised!! They knew that playing games are right up my alley. Many of my birthday celebrations were game nights with family and friends. Now all our get togethers are all linked with board games. A great way to entertain friends.

Spending time with three children and two adults, playing board games, have enriched our family time together. It is a great way to bond and get to know each other way in a pleasant way and have fun.

We take pride in teaching the games and our priority is to provide you, our dear customers an excellent service.

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