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Legendary Encounters: The Matrix
Model: BGNM3988
Legendary Encounters: The Matrix is a deck-building card game based on The Matrix trilogy of movies. Fight against notorious adversaries such as Agent Smith, the Merovingian, the Twins, the Sentinels, and more. So long as the Matrix exists, humankind will never be free.In the game, players take the ..
Final Girl: Terror from the Grave
Model: BGNM3994
Final Girl VignetteSome of you've dealt with the birds, now what will you do with the Zombies. Find out in this all-new Vignette Film box that can be played in combination with ANY location! Zombies in Space anyone? Zombies in the Arctic? No, not the poor people of Maple Lane, haven't they been thro..
Final Girl: Terror at Station 2891
Model: BGNM3991
Final Girl Feature Film BoxThere's nowhere to run when an unseen enemy comes to the arctic station where you and a small project group have come to do research. The only way out is by helicopter, but the problem is, you don't know who you can trust. Who has been assimilated by the organism? Someone?..
Final Girl: Once Upon a Full Moon
Model: BGNM3993
Final Girl Feature Film BoxOver the river and through the woods to grandmother's house you go. Never mind the growling, it must be your imagination, just keep skipping and singing. You stop in your tracks as a big, bad wolf leaps onto the path in front of you. Its eyes glow red and drool drips from ..
Final Girl: Madness in the Dark
Model: BGNM3992
Final Girl Feature Film BoxNo matter where you go in Wolfe Asylum, noises and voices always seem to echo. It is particularly frightening when one of the residents cackles or a group of them cheer during a game of them cheer during a game of bingo in the common room. Those noises are nothing, however..
Final Girl: Into the Void
Model: BGNM3989
Final Girl Feature Film BoxDeep space. You and the rest of the crew of the USCSS KONRAD find yourself in deep sh... er ... space when you notice something scurries across the floor and into the ventilation shaft. Can you destroy it before it morphs into something much bigger and much deadlier? Or wi..
Final Girl: Box of Props
Model: BGNM3995
The Box of Props contains:Horror Track MiniatureDeluxe Final Health TokensDeluxe Bloodlust tokenThe Desperation DieSignature Action CardsPromo Final GirlsBooklet of Desperate DeathsDeluxe Time MarkerUltimate Dice—description by the publisher..
Final Girl: A Knock at the Door
Model: BGNM3990
Final Girl Feature Film BoxNothing like a reunion at the quiet and secluded Wingard Cottage. Everyone is having a great time. The booze is flowing and the party has begun. Then comes a knock at the door. A quick glance around the room tells you everyone who's supposed to be here already is... You ap..
Battles For the Shenandoah: A Death Valley Expansion
Model: BGNM3987
The Game: Battles for the Shenandoah: A Death Valley Expansion contains four battle games with multiple scenarios. McDowell, May 8, 1862 2nd Winchester, June 13, 14, and 15, 1863 Piedmont, June 5, 1864 Cool Spring, July 18, 1864Experienced players will be able to play many of the sc..
Wingspan: Asia
Model: BGNM3984
In this third expansion to Wingspan, we welcome new species to our habitats by exploring the vibrant, intriguing, and magnificent birds of Asia. These birds were chosen from the over 2,800 species that live in Asia.This is both a stand-alone game for 1 player or 2 players (Duet mode that can be used..
Model: BGNM3976
It's a time of upheaval, when the Middle Ages end and modernity is born. For those in the government, the situation is ripe for action. Your city must maintain its standing, and you, as its prince, must make this happen.Virtù takes place during the Italian Renaissance, with each player embody..
U.S. Telegraph
Model: BGNM3978
U.S. Telegraph, first released as Attika, is set in the United States of the 19th century when the first transcontinental telegraph was built. Each player develops their own city to participate in the telegraph construction, trying to take the choicest (i.e., least expensive) plots of land for thems..
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