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Model: BGNM4284
In You Lying Sack, you want to be the final player in the game, with everyone else having been removed because they were terrible liars.Each player starts the game with two "bad things", these bad things being made of foam. A sack is filled with made more bad things, along with one good th..
Sheep in Disguise
Model: BGNM4278
Sheep in Disguise is a vibrant and strategic card game about protecting adorably-helpless Sheep from being devoured by the many outrageous and dangerous predators of the world. Collect Flocks of Sheep, keep them safe from Attacks, and use Action cards to destroy anyone that gets in your way!Players ..
Point City
Model: BGNM4275
From the team that brought you the smash hit Point Salad, Point City is a card-drafting, engine-building game with more than 150 unique building cards, giving you the opportunity to create a completely different city each time you play!The rules are simple: Take two adjacent cards from the dynamic c..
Model: BGNM4268
Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Web Warriors Affiliation Pack brings together the version of Peter Parker originally included in the Core Set with the Venom originally found in CP09 and Spider-Man (Miles Morales) and Ghost-Spider originally found in CP10 to give players the miniatures that will form..
Model: BGNM4270
Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Uncanny X-Men Affiliation Pack contains highly detailed miniatures of the X-Men Storm, Cyclops, Beast, and Wolverine in one convenient package. These miniatures are joined by the stat cards for these characters updated with the most recent graphic design. Finally, thi..
Model: BGNM4272
Marvel: Crisis Protocol – The Blob & Pyro adds two new mutants to this game system.Fred Dukes, known to many as the "Blob", has the superhuman ability to become virtually immovable at a whim while in touch with the earth. Joining him is St. John Allerdyce, more commonly known as ..
Model: BGNM4269
A new villain charges onto the battlefield in Marvel Crisis Protocol: Rhino.With a durable second skin grafted all over his body, the aptly named Rhino is stronger, tougher, and more inured to pain than your average supervillain. This pack adds this rampaging villain to players' rosters, giving them..
Model: BGNM4271
Bringing together highly detailed miniatures of Magneto, Mystique, Sabretooth, and Toad in one package, Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Brotherhood of Mutants Affiliation Pack gives players everything they need to begin playing with the Brotherhood of Mutants Affiliation. Along with these miniatures..
Model: BGNM4267
Two spider-enhanced characters join the fight in Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Agent Venom & Spider-Woman!Once a high school bully to Peter Parker, a matured Flash Thompson is now designated Agent Venom and carries out the most dangerous missions while bonded to Venom Symbiote. Meanwhile, Jess..
Last Light
Model: BGNM4273
Last Light is a fast-paced 4x game with 3D planets and a rotating board in which players playing asymmetrical alien factions simultaneously gather light right before the heat death of the universe.Each turn, players select an action card, then all players take their actions simultaneously, exploring..
Glory: 2nd Edition
Model: BGNM4279
90 minute, RPG-style board game.Roll and move adventure. Pick up quests, buy goods. Friendly competition with other players - everyone's a good guy out to help towns and defeat monsters.Win condition is 20 points of glory- by questing, winning battles, and fate. General play is constituted by how yo..
G.I. JOE Mission Critical: Vanguard Strike
Model: BGNM4280
Time to kick in the door with Lady Jaye, Flint, and Barbecue! These members of G.I. Joe are experts at jumping feet first into the fray and coming out on top. They'll need every ounce of skill in order to stop Firefly and Aleph from plunging the world into terror.The G.I. JOE Mission Critical: Vangu..
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