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Ashes Reborn

Ashes Reborn

Welcome to Ashes Reborn! The expandable card game by Isaac Vega has been updated and re-released to bring this acclaimed title back to the players! Featuring visionary art by Fernanda Suarez, Ashes introduces the world of Argaia, where powerful wizard-warriors called Phoenixborn have saved humanity and now face off against each other to claim ultimate godhood.


Choose your Phoenixborn and use imaginative cards and custom dice to craft your perfect deck. Summon faithful allies, combine powerful spells, and outwit your opponents in a fast-paced back and forth barrage of well-crafted magic and strategic skill!


Ashes features many unique twists to the customizable card game genre, putting the control of the powerful Phoenixborn into the hands of the players. Here are a few stand-outs:

  • Choose your first hand! The First Five mechanic allows players to start the game with five cards of their choice giving them a solid footing in the direction they intend their deck to work.


  • Use dice as resources! The Dice Pool mechanic gives players the resources that they need to bring out powerful spells and creatures moments after the game begins, while still offering an interesting array of powers on their own.


  • Unique back and forth gameplay! The Action system allows players to choose their targets carefully and consistently plan their strategy around their opponent’s upcoming actions. Turns consist of short actions that keep players engaged and allow for adjustments in play as the round progresses.
Ashes Reborn: Red Rains – The Siege Of Lordswall
Brand: Plaid Hat Games Model: BGNM5523
Phoenixborn and Chimera Expansion Decks!It began with war, the dead being unceremoniously dumped in an old mine. But the Red Rains flooded those tunnels, producing something horrifying. Now a veritable tide of human thralls surges toward Lordswall, their will controlled by the crimson crystals growi..
Brand: Plaid Hat Games Model: BGNM5046
The Red Rains have swept further across Argaia, making their way to the paradise garden-city of Neverset. Home to Leo Sunshadow, this land of eternal sunshine faces its darkest days with the birth of this next Chimera. Join forces with Leo, Astrea, Saria, and Maeoni as they fight to dispel this plan..
Brand: Plaid Hat Games Model: BGNM4720
Phoenixborn and Chimera Expansion Decks! The Phoenixborn Rin, Lulu, Aradel and Koji return to battle, this time teamed up against the mighty Chimera; The Frostwild Scourge! Each of these returning Phoenixborn come equipped with a new signature card, and ANY of them can be used with the ALL NEW natur..
Brand: Plaid Hat Games Model: BGNM4276
Ashes Reborn: Red Rains offers players both new and old an exciting new format in which to wield their favorite Ashes cards! The Red Rains have returned and with them the Chimera — towering monstrosities that threaten to wipe humanity from the face of the planet! Only the Phoenixborn, those su..
Ashes Reborn: The Scholar of Ruin
Out of Stock
Brand: Plaid Hat Games Model: BGNM3770
Rowan uses ceremonial and time magic to excavate the physical and temporal ruins surrounding the historic battle site of Abylon. This original home of the legendary Phoenixborn Jericho is a powerful well of dormant magic, and Rowan will stop at nothing to harness it! Rowan’s pair of abilities ..
Brand: Plaid Hat Games Model: BGNM3771
Tristan Darkwater, the Phoenixborn that only rumors have known, has finally risen to the surface to answer the call of the Phoenix in The Ocean’s Guard! Behold his power as he communes with the life of every being in the ocean.Tristan uses sympathy magic and time magic to enhance the innate ab..
Brand: Plaid Hat Games Model: BGNM3769
Hope Everthorn uses illusion and time magic to sculpt the dreams of their foes, challenging their notions of reality and fantasy! Use Hope's duplication abilities to swarm foes with conjured spirits!Use this prebuilt deck to take down your opponents,or combine Hope's cards with your favorite Ashes s..
Brand: Plaid Hat Games Model: BGNM3455
Dimona Odinstar uses divine and time magic to lead her army of knights into battle, moving with the speed and ruthlessness of lightning itself!Mount units return! Take to the skies with Dimona's signature Empyrean Mount.Use this prebuilt deck to take down your opponents, or combine Dimona's cards wi..
Ashes Reborn: The Messenger of Peace
Out of Stock
Brand: Plaid Hat Games Model: BGNM3020
Phoenixborn Orrick Gilstream uses time and charm magic to keep peace a top priority amidst an ever-raging war.Orrick is a skilled practitioner of meditation, and his insight offers him the ability to not only improve his magic proficiency through meditation, but also expand access to options other P..
Brand: Plaid Hat Games Model: BGNM3019
Phoenixborn Lulu Firststone has been reimagined with a full deck for Ashes Reborn. Lulu uses time and natural magic for explosive combat and to survive the harsh environment where her city, Gorrenrock, stands.Lulu is a very hardy fighter and direct combat is her style of choice. Lulu has the ability..
Brand: Plaid Hat Games Model: BGNM2664
A new Phoenixborn enters the fray with The Spirits of Memoria expansion deck for Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn!The spirit realm is subservient to Sembali Grimtongue, who holds power over all conjurations in the game. Spring into action with this full, ready-to-play deck, or use the cards you find h..
Brand: Plaid Hat Games Model: BGNM2663
An ancient song binds its silvery strings to every living soul, and Namine Hymntide adds her voice to this unending melody. She plays the strings and subtly alters the song to her will, and comes to Ashes in The Song of Soaksend Deluxe Expansion Set.This set gives players an all-new Ashes deck ready..
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