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We at BoardGamesNMore have created a rewards program for our valued customers providing loyalty-based discounts for shopping with us. Participation is free and begins with your first order and increases based on your level of participation on site activities and purchases.

Here is how it works:








Redeem for $5 Coupon off




Redeem for $25 Coupon off

Cleric I



Redeem for $40 Coupon off

Cleric II



Redeem for $50 Coupon off




Redeem for 5% Coupon off

Heroic I



Redeem for 10% Coupon off

Heroic II



Redeem for 15% Coupon off

Heroic III



Redeem for 20% Coupon off




Redeem for 5% Off (3 Months)




Redeem for 10% Off (3 Months)




Redeem for 15% Off (3 Months)


Note: To Redeem your points please contact


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I join the BoardGamesNMore Rewards Program?
All customers automatically join the program when they create an account on BoardGamesNMore and make purchases from our online site. There are no fees or cost in participation.

What are the Rewards?
Customers will receive a discount and other offers when reward points are redeemed.

How do I check what my current reward level is?
The above table describes the Reward Points to % discount level.

How do I Redeem my Reward points to a purchase?
Please contact to redeem and convert your points. If you have placed an order already, please provide us with your order number and your desired reward. We will contact you with additional details via email. The applied discount will be credited to your order or account based on the processing status of the order.

What if I have a Coupon code?
If you have a coupon code and are also eligible for customer rewards then the best discount between the two promotions is selected. Multiple discounts do not combine on the same order or item.

What purchases are included?
All purchases minus any discounts, taxes and excluding shipping costs count towards the rewards program. For Example, If you make a $100 purchase and have a 10% discount, you only pay $90 before shipping therefore you’ll be credited for a $90 purchase toward your rewards points.

Can I combine rewards and/or other promotions?
If we have a sale on an individual item then yes, but other promotions cannot be combined with the BoardGamesNMore Rewards Program. Also multiple rewards cannot be redeemed on the same order.

How do I keep track of my reward points?
When you create an account, any purchases made while logged in to that account will count towards your BoardGamesNMore Rewards Program. You can see your accumulated Reward points in your account dashboard. We do not merge accounts reward points or transfer them between accounts for any reason.

If my next purchase puts me in a higher level, will I get the higher discount?
No, your account will be updated after the order is complete and shipped. Therefore, anything you buy now will apply only towards your next purchase.

Do points keep accumulating after a redemption?
Redemption of your points will deduct the number of used points from your account. If you want a higher reward tier, you must keep your points until you have sufficient points to redeem that tier requirement.

How do I gain reward points for writing reviews on the site?
You must have purchased the game at our store online store. The review must be 100 words or more. It must not be plagiarised from another review or site. Once submitted the review will be reviewed before it is posted on the website and points will be allocated to your account. We reserve the right to revoke reward points if the review is found to not meet our detailed guidelines. Currently 5 Reward points are allocated per Review. This is subject to change without notice.

Can I transfer my reward points to another user or account?
Reward points cannot be transferred between accounts or to another account. Points in an account must be used only from the acquired account. Merging of accounts reward points between two account, even if those accounts are owned by the same individual is not permitted.

What do the Tier levels mean?
Users will maintain their highest attained Tier levels after Reward (Experience) points have been redeemed. It signifies your member status on BoardGamesNMore. Your status will provide you special offers and rewards only offered to customers at that Tier level. These can include sales, percent off, other cool stuff and possible special pricing for these Tiers. More to come stay tuned!!!

Are there restrictions for the redemption of 2000, 5000, 10000 points?
Redemption of your points will deduct the number of used points from your account. The 3-month time frame begins on the day the redemption is made and will end in 3 months (90 days) as of that date. All purchases must be made with the account the redemption was made with only. Transfer of the redemption to any another person or individual is not allowed.

Note: BoardGamesNMore reserves all rights to change the details of the program, tiers levels and rewards at any time without notice.

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