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The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game – Revised Core Set - Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game – Revised Core Set ($71.99) - Lord of the Rings
The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game – Revised Core Set - Lord of the Rings
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Sometimes, in order to truly appreciate a tale, one must first go back to its beginning. Grand adventures and strong fellowships are important and wonderful, but the first step of any journey is just as important as the last. With that in mind, it’s time to return to the beginning of one of the most epic adventures of all…

With increased contents and some quality-of-life improvements, this new version of the classic LCG’s core set is the perfect opportunity for a new player to dive into the game.

The Revised Core Set includes cards to allow Campaign Mode (previous core set was strictly standalone scenarios), entirely new Boon and Burden mechanics that add cards that persist with the players from scenario to scenario, and full support for 4 players in the core box.

-description from publisher

Players 1 - 4 players
Age 14+ years
Time 30 - 90 mins
Designers Nate French
Artists Even Mehl Amundsen, Erfian Asafat, Tiziano Baracchi, Ryan Barger, Sara Biddle, Yoann Boissonnet, Leonardo Borazio, Noah Bradley, Marco Caradonna, Kevin Childress, Anna Christenson, West Clendinning, Nicholas Cloister, Soul Core, Daarken, Katherine Dinger, Loren Fetterman, Tony Foti, Tom Garden, Kristina Gehrmann, Lucas Graciano, Margaret Hardy, Jeff Himmelman, David Horne, Christopher Hosch, Ijur, Dominik Kasprzycki, Kaya, Igor Kieryluk, Mathias Kollros, Lius Lasahido, David Lecossu, Henning Ludvigsen, Daryl Mandryk, David Auden Nash, Mike Nash, Winona Nelson, Andrew Olson, Gabrielle Portal, Rio Sabda, Alexandru Sabo, Amanda Sartor, Marc Scheff, Alexandr Shaldin, WiL Springer, John Stanko, Matthew Starbuck, Florian Stitz, Nikolay Stoyanov, Angela Sung, Sandara Tang, Fredrik Tyskerud, Santiago Villa, Magali Villeneuve, Frank Walls, Jason Ward, Drew Whitmore, John Wigley, Mark Winters, Jen Zee, Ben Zweifel
Mechanism Automatic Resource Growth, Cooperative Game, Deck Construction, Events, Hand Management, Scenario / Mission / Campaign Game, Solo / Solitaire Game, Variable Player Powers, Variable Set-up
Year Published 2022
Difficulty 3.4/5
Game Type Coop Game
Rating 8.5/10
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