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Pacific Rim: Extinction Guardian Bravo Expansion

Pacific Rim: Extinction Guardian Bravo Expansion
Pacific Rim: Extinction Guardian Bravo Expansion
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The defiant defender GUARDIAN BRAVO has arrived! Packed with the latest J-Tech upgrades, Guardian Bravo uses the Arc Whip to ensnare oncoming Kaiju and bring them down!

Pacific Rim: Extinction is a tabletop miniatures strategy game of epic proportions. Join either the Pan Pacific Defence Corps or the invading Kaiju, and face off in a battle with the ultimate stake: extinction. Upgrade your forces with these Jaeger and Kaiju expansions which allow you to field more units in battle. Each expansion comes with everything you need to add it into the game.

  • Painted 85mm Miniatures
  • Conn-Pods/Signatures
  • 6x Unique Action Cards
  • Upgrades/Mutations/Pilots
  • Charge and Ammo counters
  • Rage and Kaiju Blue counters
Players 2 - 6 players
Age 14+ years
Time 30 - 90 mins
Designers Jack Caesar, Alessio Cavatore, Rob Stoddard
Artists Unknown
Mechanism Dice Rolling, Simulation, Simultaneous Action Selection, Variable Player Powers
Year Published 2018
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