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Roll Camera! The Filmmaking Board Game

Roll Camera! The Filmmaking Board Game
Roll Camera! The Filmmaking Board Game
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You are movie producers in a failing film production company. You have one last chance to make a successful film - otherwise the company will collapse and you’ll never work in this town again! You have to use the resources at your disposal to produce this film on time and under budget, ensure it’s a high enough quality, and make some sense of the resulting story. No time to waste - roll camera!

Roll Camera! is a cooperative or solo dice worker placement game of resource management and a central geometric puzzle representing your shooting arrangement. You throw the custom D6 Crew dice, each face representing a different production department (camera, light, sound, actor, production design, visual effects) and assign them to actions, either on the main board or on your individual player boards. Your player board features a specific head of department (Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, Production Designer or The Star) and contains unique action spaces that can be used on your turn.

Place the Crew in specific arrangements matching those on the Shot cards, resolve the constant Problems getting in your way, and hold production meetings to play Idea cards from your hand to help out. Everything costs time and money, and you lose if either one runs out. You must also ensure your film reaches a certain level of Quality in order to win!

At the game's end, you'll have a unique sequence of completed Shot cards which you can "premiere" using the story cues -- it's the filmmaking game that results in a "real" movie!

—description from the designer

Players 1 - 6 players
Age 11+ years
Time 30 - 90 mins
Designers Malachi Ray Rempen
Artists Malachi Ray Rempen
Mechanism Card Drafting, Communication Limits, Cooperative Game, End Game Bonuses, Events, Pattern Building, Set Collection, Simulation, Solo / Solitaire Game, Square Grid, Variable Player Powers, Variable Set-up, Victory Points as a Resource, Worker Placement with Dice Workers
Year Published 2021
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