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Sniper Elite: The Board Game

Sniper Elite: The Board Game
Sniper Elite: The Board Game
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Sniper Elite: The Board Game is a hidden movement game based on the iconic video game series.

In the game, one player takes the role of the sniper, who is trying to make their way past the German guards by stealth or violence. Up to three other players control squads of German soldiers, striking a balance between defending their objectives and hunting the sniper.

Sniper Elite features a bag-manipulation element. The sniper draws chits from a bag to target the defenders, though canny defense can decrease the sniper's likelihood of making their shot...

—description from the publisher

Players 1 - 4 players
Age 16+ years
Time 40 - 70 mins
Designers Roger Tankersley, David Thompson (I)
Artists Jose David Lanza Cebrian, Edouard Grould, Ed Savage
Mechanism Action Points, Chit-Pull System, Hidden Movement
Year Published 2022
Difficulty 2.3/5
Game Type Competitive
Rating 8.0/10
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