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Pet Evil

Pet Evil
Pet Evil
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Pet Evil is a social and strategic card game where players fight for world domination. Taking the role of cute mastermind pets players are locked in a nuclear war to the death. The goal is to craft missiles using set collection and devastate opponents with various combinations to be the last player standing.

The party-style game features classic 'gotcha' style game mechanics and encourages players to form social alliances, be deceitful and to back-stab one another. Cards in the game feature various hand illustrated rocket parts which combine to create missiles of varying damage levels.

Players target one another with rockets constructed from the parts that they have drawn, stolen from other players or salvaged from the discard pile. Once the rockets are launched, players bargain for their lives and try to convince others why they should be spared. with several special cards which allow players to disrupt trades, change life totals and to redirect damage, Pet Evil is a party game with a constant chaotic struggle for victory.

—description from the publisher

Players 2 - 6 players
Age 8+ years
Time 30 - 30 mins
Designers Joe Liano
Artists Joe Liano
Mechanism Player Elimination, Set Collection, Take That
Year Published 2020
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