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The Great British Baking Show Game

The Great British Baking Show Game
The Great British Baking Show Game
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  • Model: BGNM3694
  • Dimensions: 32.00cm x 32.00cm x 16.00cm
In The Great British Baking Show Game, players take the role of bakers on the show and race each other to recreate the configuration of baking cards shown on the recipe cards. Players need to choose whether to move quickly at all costs, or whether to take more time to select the best flavors for their bake and avoid the dreaded "soggy" cards.

To capture the sportsmanship demonstrated when bakers step in to assist others, players can use "Help!" cards to select wild cards from the center of the table. A "Bin" token allows players to throw out elements of their bake once per round.

Players 2 - 4 players
Age 10+ years
Time 20 - 20 mins
Designers Frederica Scott Vollrath
Artists Unknown
Mechanism Pattern Building, Real-Time
Year Published 2022
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